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  1. Eagle2110

    How to Become a Wound Care RN

    Hi Star! I sent you a PM.
  2. Eagle2110

    Wound Care Nurse Practitioner

    We have both in our clinic. Everyone are able to perform the same tasks; however, our wound management center does require that all providers attend their wound care course. Our PA and NP writes home health orders as well, our medical director just signs behind them.
  3. Eagle2110

    Wound Vac Requisition

    Hi! I work out an outpatient I wound care clinic, located inside a hospital. KCI vacs are used on the inpatient side, I think they are rented. The inpatient nurse normally orders a KCI vacs for home use. However, if the patient will be seeing us after discharge, I typically use another DME company. Two common problems : 1) getting a good seal on a vac located near the anus. This can often be solved by creating a smaller "windowpane" or by using a hydrocolloid (Duoderm) on the edges. 2) untrained personnel applying the VAC improperly. Change the cannister when almost full. Most patients can do this part themselves. Medicare only pays for 15 per month if I'm not mistaken. Insurance vary from state to state. However, most VAC suppliers will release an indigent VAC; don't utilize KCI often but know they are generous with this, at least with our hospital. Hope this helps!
  4. Eagle2110

    Foot Care Nursing Business

    I really really wanted to attend Dr. Overstreet's class but it isn't feasible for me at the moment. However, I have purchased some of her materials, which are truly helpful. She breaks down everything, including tips on how much to charge depending on the setting.
  5. Eagle2110

    Foot Care Nursing Business

    Sorry to be so late with my response. I'm in Mississippi.
  6. Eagle2110

    Foot Care Nursing Business

    Good morning! Im also interested in getting out on my own! I'm very much in the baby stages but have connected locally with a wonderful RN who has been doing it for years! However, she only does foot care once a month on average because of her other endeavors. I'm currently a wound care nurse so foot care is not foreign to me, but I don't get to focus solely on foot care while in clinic. My state laws doesn't state that a RN needs a physician's order for foot care; however, I've decided to contact the board to be sure about that. Will you have a clinic or only be mobile?
  7. Eagle2110

    BONUS: Nurses Week Meme Contest

    While playing Dirty Santa during the lunch break Christmas party:. "Stain resistant scrubs!!!!!!!"
  8. Eagle2110

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things

    Had a male patient who would be very anxious about the physician touching his wound. One day he asked for more lidocaine before the physician even got started. So the physician says " Lidocaine is for pu**ies, are you a pu**y?" The patient never asked again.
  9. Eagle2110

    Create Your Own Meme

    When you work in busy, short staffed wound care center and all your patients have either a VAC, Total Contact Cast or 10+ wounds and your new hire states "No sweat, I've done this all before!"
  10. Eagle2110

    Caption Contest

    Lights on but is anyone home?!
  11. Eagle2110

    Fill In The Blank...

    " Do you want me to get naked now"....Stated by a smiling inmate convicted of rape who didn't have to get naked for what was going on. And yes, he proceeded to get undressed😡
  12. Eagle2110

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    "I'm coming for every thing they said I couldn't​ have".....Said an obviously extremely motivated person ( name unknown)☺
  13. Eagle2110

    FSCJ Summer 2017 Hopefuls

    Wrong thread! Sorry!!
  14. Eagle2110

    Pseudomonas treatment

    Topical Gentamicin covers pseudomonas but he really needs to get his edema under control. If he cannot care for himself, then maybe it should be suggested that he goes somewhere with around the clock help. Also may need more compression than what the unna boot is giving. Hope this helps. Edited to add..... Reread your post. If the goal is to keep him at home, is a sitter feasible?
  15. Eagle2110

    EXTREME Wound Odor Hospice, please advise

    I second the Dakins 0.25% BID