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  1. Hi, I live in Mississippi. All of my cousins are nurses as well as some of my aunts and a few friends, all but one of my friends had a job offer before they got their exam scores back. And the one friend who didn't ( she's a LPN), was hired within two weeks of passing the test. They are scattered throughout Hattiesburg, Jackson, and Meridian. I'm almost certain that you dont want to move here but just letting you know there's hope :loveya:
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    Non medical advice!!

    Oh yes, have ran into many of these people, especially mothers who think they are prenatal experts just because they have a child, lol. Tell your boyfriend's sister that the only birth control that's 100% effective is ABSTINENCE!
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    Jones county junior college adn

    Hey, I'm applying to the ADN program for this upcoming Spring. Do you know how competitive getting in was for your group? Such as GPAs, TEAs, and so on....I hope my question isn't confusing, I'm just trying to evaluate my chances of getting an acceptance letter but only know of one person who has attended this program. Thanks
  4. Hi, I've taken the TEAS twice. Only Pre's I have left are Micro and Human Growth and Development but I've decided to take those next summer ( the programs Ive choosen don't require completion before admission ). Are you applying for the spring?
  5. Maybe you should take a break for awhile until you are mentally and emotionally ready. I could never bring myself to tell someone that they aren't capable of doing something they really want. For instance, one of my best friends started out at the same university as I and struggled badly, her GPA was so low that she had to transfer to a community college. She eventually went to another Univ and graduated with a 2.7. Over a year later she couldn't find a job and decided to pursue nursing, she worried that she wouldn't get in because of her previous GPA. Well, to end this short story (lol). She got accepted, graduated with over a 3.0 this past June, took the nursing exam in July, and was blessed with a job 2 weeks later. I'm thankful no one ever told her she couldn't handle it. Pray, if it's in God's will, it will be done
  6. I currently have an AAS in Massage Therapy and a BS in Community Health Sciences. I've been working as a restaurant manager since I was 19 and haven't been able to find anything with my degrees or at least anything that will pay me more than my current job (sad right?, lol). I've always been interested in healthcare and have always planned on going back to school. Never dreamed it would be for nursing though until I had my own bundle of joy :redpinkhe.
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    Who's taken the teas v?

    hey, if you don't mind me asking....where are you applying? because i've been trying to find out how everyone in my school is doing on the test but dont really know anyone; and that 58.7 is the requirement for my school also.