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  1. MRed94


    Today is my graduation, and I am so excited. I never thought I would make it to this point. Life has not been good for most of school, and only sheer determination has gotten me this far, that, and a lot of support from my friends. I'm working at the Palliative Care unit at our local hospital, been there about 2 months, and am loving every minute of it. Will start RN orientation on June 2, and am just waiting on confirmation for boards. There are three of us on the unit going together to take them. Brandy, thanks for listening. Marla
  2. Prayers are with you in this. Hugs from all around. MRed
  3. MRed94

    Comments about clinical rotation.

    I certainly will tell her. I tell her when I see her doing something special, and I ask a lot of "why did you do it that way" questions. She is so patient. :)
  4. I started my next to last rotation about 3 weeks ago, and ended up in Hospice for my Home Health rotation. I am the only one in the class who wanted to go to Hospice. I am also the only LPN in the class, and most likely the only one who has experienced a patient death. The nurse who is mentoring me is so totally awesome I can't believe it. She has the most gentle bedside manner I have ever seen in a nurse. She is also no-nonsense, and up front with all the information with the families and the patients, and to watch her in action is a great privilege. Her ability to switch gears in mid stream is fantastic, and she is basically unflappable. I am learning so much, and she has been so patient with my stupid and redundant questions. I'd like to do this kind of nursing eventually, after I have some other experience under my belt. Anybody else having a great or horrid rotation?
  5. Chemistry. Have NO clue as to what in the H*** I was supposed to be learning. The prof was a MS in Chem, and was a paper mill chemical engineer, trying to teach a bunch of nursing students about atoms and other miscellania.......never did get it. Extra credit papers gave us all A's, when most of us actually FAILED all the tests.....Go figger.....:)
  6. MRed94

    Help me study for A&P

    I loved my coloring books. I am very much a visual learner, and that really cemented the facts for me. I used a lot of flash cards, the Hole's anatomy site, and various diagrams and sayings and etc to memorize all the info. I also used taped lectures. What ever works for you. M
  7. MRed94

    All seniors, come say hi!!!!

    Me, too! Me too! I graduate May 22, but school is over on the 16th. I am currently a LPN, working as a temp. I think I will stay with this for a while and build up some $$ to move out of state. I also will enjoy just working and not running frantic because of school, too. I know the kids are looking forward to mom just being mom. They hate my being in school, but put up with it cause they know I am doing it, primarily for me, but mostly for them. I want to have more than enough for once! And a better job will allow that. I am planning a nice vacation for us for the summer. YIPPEE!!! Almost done with this torture. M
  8. MRed94

    Study Tips & Hints

    I also taped the lectures, listened to them all the time. Flash cards worked good for me. Transcribing my notes onto a word processor helped, too. Decide what kind of a learner you are, and do it that way. I am a visual learner, and the more I copied or reviewed the notes, the better off I was. A little each day is a good idea. Don't cram, you won't retain it. Hang in there, and good luck. M
  9. MRed94

    Dosage calc/math for meds question

    I ALWAYS have a calculator in my grubby little pocket! I am the worst of the math impaired in my school, I think! We can use them for tests and etc. in school. They warned us not to come to class without them. I've never heard anyone say we couldn't use them. M
  10. MRed94

    I am very disappointed in myself!!

    Happened to me, too. I wanted so badly to graduate with honors. Now I am just wanting to GRADUATE, period. I wanna get this torture over with so I can go out there and do some nursing. Hang in there. It won't matter once school is over. M
  11. MRed94

    Aaayiyiyiyiyi!!!!!!! Grades Are In!!!!

    Way to go! I ended Nursing III with a C, but earned every bit of it, considering 20 people FAILED the final! I am very happy with my C. I wanted an A, and had an A average when I started this class, but NOBODY got an A, so I am not complaining. Gets me into 4th semester, and that's all I care about.! M
  12. MRed94

    Online A&P and medical terminology flashcards

    OH! Those are awesome sites!!!! Thanks! M
  13. MRed94

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    I wanted to tell him that they would amputate it at the neck, but restrained myself. This is not a very nice kid, but when you are a nurse and pain is there, you have to do something. I wanted to slap his mother, she was more hysterical than the kid. :)
  14. MRed94

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    When you keep a "24 hour report book" on the kitchen counter, and the kids write about how they feel in nurse terms in it! Funny, my kids know that if there isn't PROFUSE blood, bones sticking out, or the house has burnt down around their ears, that they don't call me at work! My kids bring all the neighborhood kids to me for "cures" when they fall or hurt themselves any other way. This past summer I was out working in my yard when screaming started down the block. Neighbor kid was skateboarding and fell off, and his left forearm looked like the curvy road sign. I took my cell out of my pocket and called 911, sent a kid into the house for pillow and my "nursing tape," and splinted him. Then was standing there holding C-spine when the ambulance got there. Kid actually asked me if they were going to amputate his arm, as it was VERY crooked. I looked him straight in the eye, and told him just breathe! Then I reassured him that they would fix it for him. M
  15. MRed94

    Took NCLEX Today

    WTG! Have a long and happy new career! Congratulations. M
  16. MRed94

    Confessions and questions

    RED??????? You GO, girl! I want a red dining room, with I think forest green accents. But I have to graduate, pass the boards, and earn enough cash to buy my dream house.......... 8 bedroom Victorian with a turret. Dreams are nice. I might have to wait till the kids are gone, but I WILL have that house! M