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  1. cali408

    CCRN Study partner: Tampa fl

    I'm not in FL, but I am on the study journey with a similar timeline as well! Good luck! I am looking for study material as we speak. How do you like the DVDs? Did you purchase directly from her website?
  2. cali408

    Compact Licensure

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it! I'm still a legal resident of TX which is why I was confused. So I guess I will have to change to NC and then reapply all over when we move back to tx? Goodness this is expensive lol
  3. cali408

    Compact Licensure

    Hey Guys! I have a question (I am awaiting a response from BON), but if any of you all know, it would be great for some pointers and tips. I have a compact RN license from BON TX, however, I am now in NC for some work. While working at 1 hospital in NC, I was never asked to change my license, however, I am at a new hospital in NC and they are asking specifically for a NC license despite my compact status (& NC is a compact state). I looked up NC license info, and by signing up for an NC license by endorsement, it will require that I relinquish Tx license (not to mention it's $200+ to request a NC license and fingerprints, etc). So I would love to avoid all of this if I can & save myself money/time. Anyone familiar with any of this who has a compact license? Thanks for looking!
  4. cali408

    UNC DNP 2015

    Hello Everyone! I was curious to see if there was anyone else out there who has applied for the UNC-Chapel Hill BSN-DNP program for 2015 admit?
  5. cali408

    Houston lets talk Trauma

    If you do not mind me asking what units did you interview for? I currently work at MH in the Medical Center and I can provide you with some information regarding the two, but of course, the experience depends largely on the unit you are working on...