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  1. ukjenn231

    Schools that DO accept WGU credits/transfers

    I was accepted to the University of South Florida's Nursing PhD program after receiving my MSN at WGU. I was also encouraged to apply for my PhD with my WGU MSN degree by advisors at the University of Central Florida, George Washington, and Villanova, among with countless DNP programs. I found that in terms of terminal degrees, the "whole package" is evaluated - goals, transcripts, GRE scores, resume, etc.
  2. ukjenn231

    Schools that DO accept WGU credits/transfers

    The asterisk indicates doctorate programs
  3. Wanted to contribute my two cents to this debate... I finished my MSN at WGU in Education in less than 4 months. Although I never intended to, the MSN program inspired me to pursue a PhD. I love online learning, but I wanted to attend a somewhat more traditional school for the terminal degree, to help secure my future job possibilities. I applied to the University of South Florida, which is local to me. I was nervous they may question my flat pass fail 3.0 GPA, or the fact that my student mentor wrote a letter bragging about how I completed my degree "in record time." No questions asked - I sent my transcript, my personal statement, and I had to take the GRE. A few weeks later, I received an acceptance email! So don't despair - online degrees are more common, and competency based learning is acceptable. Prior to applying to USF, I had contacted other large universities, even George Washington and Villanova and asked them if my pass fail GPA would be an exclusion. Each school basically replied by saying no, it's not an exclusion, we evaluate the whole package.
  4. ukjenn231

    Just finished the MSN-Ed!

    I think it all depends on what you want to do. You should research the type of job you want and see what the desired qualifications are. In my experience, most places just want that check box for the degree. I was just accepted into a Nursing PhD program with no questions asked about my Master's at the University of South Florida.
  5. ukjenn231

    MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    Big congrats! It's a huge accomplishment!!
  6. ukjenn231

    Just finished the MSN-Ed!

    In the program, you have access to research databases and as part of the assignments, you will be looking into the evidence that exists already. You can pretty much determine on your own if you are finding a lot of results or not. The Capstone - for Education, you have to create education. It can be written, verbal, etc. It can be educating patients, staff, etc. I created written education and worked with a patient education nurse to have it formatted correctly for our institution. You write a paper and also do a verbal recording of a Power Point to turn into WGU. Good luck!
  7. ukjenn231

    Just finished the MSN-Ed!

    I just now am seeing this so sorry for the late reply, but I will answer for any future reference... I also don't put explicitly that I finished my degree in 4 months on my resume. I put "March 2017" because that's when I got it, and my BSN was in 09 so they probably would just assume. However, if anyone asks me, I will just tell them that I can balance working two jobs with 20-30 hours of school work a week, so I'm dedicated and efficient :) As far as the Doctorate question, I never really intended to pursue a doctorate but after I finished my MSN, I started considering it. I am applying for PhD programs this year. I asked a couple of schools if they had any objections to the Pass/Fail grading system I had at WGU, and the reply was no - they consider the whole application package. Especially for a PhD, a lot has to do with your research interests, GRE scores, personal statement, etc. There is a website that shows a list of schools that students report they got accepted to after attending WGU.
  8. ukjenn231


    I recently finished the MSN-Ed at WGU. My tips: When you start the course, look at the rubric for the assessment first thing. Format your headings in your paper with the rubric headings so the evaluators can easily find your content. Pick topics that are interesting but also well-researched. If you pick a very narrow or new topic that lacks evidence, you will find yourself in a headache. Watch the pre-recorded cohorts. They often direct you on the assessment. Good luck!
  9. ukjenn231

    Ready to tackle MSN-but want the easy way

    I am finishing up my Master's at Western Governor's University. They have a Leadership track. I'm doing Education. I'm not going to say it was "easy" but it wasn't very difficult for me because one of my strong areas is writing and the program is writing intensive. I can bust out a 30 page paper in a couple of days. It has taken me on average 1-2 weeks to complete each course. I even was recognized for excellent work on one of my assignments. I am currently in my Capstone and I officially enrolled Dec 6, 2016. I will be done with the whole program before 6 months. There were no real clinical hours. In my Capstone I am completing a patient education project with a preceptor at my facility. I didn't go into the program thinking it would be this fast or "easy" but it has turned out to be a great experience for me.
  10. Hi, I'm looking into WGU's MSN program. I was curious if you are able to take time off between terms. I'm looking to start in December. Due to the way my employer's tuition assistance is set up, I would benefit from taking a month off between terms to ensure that I don't have to pay tuition twice in one calendar year. (Terms would be December 16 - June 17 - December 17... so I'd like to push it to January 18) Thanks!
  11. ukjenn231

    PRN Evenings - what to expect?

    I am a med surg nurse who was just offered a PRN evening/weekend hospice job. I have not worked hospice before so I just was wondering what to expect. I think I understand that each client is assigned to an RN case manager, so will I be responding to clients who are calling in with needs after the standard work day? I know each agency differs, but in general, just curious. Excited but anxious about trying a new field.
  12. ukjenn231

    Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    I have worked at teaching and non teaching hospitals. My questions is which is worse: Being talked about like that (which isnt right, but hey, at least you know they know what's going on with you) or have the primary doctor run in for two minutes, say "How are you?", not even assess you, and you don't see them again for 24 hours... the complaint I get the most at the non-teaching hospital.
  13. ukjenn231

    report from a sloppy nurse

    Does your institution do any sort of bedside report? It's usually unliked by many, but it sounds like it could help with this person. Maybe before she leaves, you could say "let's go meet the patients together" and go in each room. This way, you can quickly check - are IVFs up? Is the patient requesting medication? She will be accountable. Good luck, I know this is a bad situation.
  14. ukjenn231

    if you could do it over again....

    the hospital system I work for does offer paid for CNA training, as long as you commit to work there for 6 months. I don't regret becoming a nurse. It's not easy but I love it. And also, I work med surg/tele and like that too. I've been a nurse for almost 4 years. I love the flexibility and the opportunity to do different things - I'm never bored and I have tons of time off to spend with my family and friends!
  15. ukjenn231

    Good Nursing Shoes

    I've learned it's too hard to make a general recommendation for shoes. I worked 6 years in healthcare and tried all the shoes people swear by, including certain athletic shoes, danskos, etc.etc. I finally went to a running store and got fitted for shoes. Turns out I had plantar fasciitis and the danskos were probably the worst thing I could have had on. Now, I've been wearing stabilization walker shoes made by Brooks for over a year and have no more pain. So my advice.... go to a good quality shoe store where they watch your gait and walking and make recommendations.
  16. they usually don't have certs which is why most of them aren't supposed to even touch a patient, just observe and call for help...