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    A&P I Spring 2007 Semster - Welcome!

    Hi! I'm very nervous and excited to finally starting A & P I. I have prior degrees in business (BBA and MBA) which means I am pretty much starting from scratch with science courses. There is not an accelerated program at my area, so I'm taking pre-reqs at a local community school and then hope to get in at a 2 year BSN program. I'm also taking Chem 1 and Nutrition this semester so I will have my hands full. I really admire some of you with small children and those that work during this process. I'm 46 and have a daughter in college, a son in 6th grade and aging parents that I try and help with and that is about more than I can handle. I am scared about A & P. I signed up for the hardest teacher though because I've heard she really prepares you for nuring school. I hope I didn't make a mistake. I start Jan 8 and already have my books but it is very intimidating to look through.
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    Tell all about Arkansas!

    I wanted to chime in. We moved to Cabot in June of this year. We decided to come here because of the quality schools. We have found the cost of housing and living significantly cheaper than where we moved from (south of Atlanta). Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. We love the location-we are about 20 minutes from North Little Rock and a little further to Little Rock. Cabot is growing very fast and there is lots of new construction. Traffic can be a bit congested going through town certain times of the day, but it is nothing compared to where we moved from.
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    The most difficult semester you've ever had?

    Hi Are you looking at an accelerated program in Arkansas? I've been trying to find one around the Little Rock area. I know UAMS mentions one, but said it is on hold pending funding. I just wondered if you know of another one. Good luck on that schedule. I've only been taking 10-11 hours a semester and it keeps me pretty busy. Thanks for the info.
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    nurse entrence exam

    Does anyone know about the test you take when you enter UAMS's BSN program? It looks like it is not a condition to get in, but I'm not sure what test it is and what they use the scores for. I saw somewhere that you have to get a 90 to be considered for the honors program but I would welcome any info about the test. Thanks
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    Moving close to Little Rock

    Hey Don't Quit glad I'm not the only one to do a mid life career change. What did you do before? I was most recently a high school math teacher for 5 years, then I was in accounting. I'm planning to go straight for an RN but I can't decide where in Little Rock to go. Where are you from? What kind of pre-reqs do you have to have to go from LPN to RN? I already have a degree (in accounting) so I think all I have to take is all the science courses before I can apply to nursing school.
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    Moving close to Little Rock

    We just moved to Cabot about two months ago from south of Atlanta. So far, we really do like it. Do you have children? The schools here are supposed to be excellent. It doesn't start until the 21st so I don't have any personal experience yet. Yesterday the Junior High North burned to the ground though, they think it was electrical but they are not sure where all those kids are going to go yet. The high school is brand new this fall and it is a beautiful building. I am going to start taking nursing pre-reqs at ASU Beebe this fall and hope to go to nursing school in Little Rock in a year or so. I'm 45 so this is a career change for me-but one I've always dreamed of. Feel free to email any questions. I can tell you about specific areas and we did love our realtor if you need a name. We do really like the area. It is small town but only 25-30 minutes to Little Rock.
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    Where to live around Tulsa?

    My husband and I are thinking of relocating to the Tulsa area. We are planning a trip in a few weeks to look around. Our first priority is an area with good schools. We have a son who will be in 6th grade next year. I am also planning to pursure my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse (I'm 46). I will have 2 to 3 years of prereqs first. I have other degrees and even an MBA but no science so I would like to be within 30-45 minutes of a good nursing school (maybe TCC from what I can tell). Also does anyone know how long we have to live in OK before I can attend college as a resident and avoid paying out of state tuition? Thanks so much for your time and advice, Carol Ann
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    Question about UAMS

    I'm a little confused looking at their web site. It appears that their BSN program admits only once a year in the summer. Is this correct? Thanks
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    Question about UAMS

    That was quick. Siri, thanks so much for the info.
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    How hard is it to get into UAMS?

    As I have mentioned earlier we are planning to move to Cabot and I'm going to start on my prereqs. I am then planning on going to UAMS to get a BSN. I was wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get into? What GPA do I realistally need? Is there a waiting list? I'm trying to plan out a time line and this info would be really helpful. Thanks for all your help.
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    Where to live around Tulsa?

    It's kind of a strange story that brings us to Tulsa. My husband is an airline pilot. We currently live in the Atlanta area and for many reasons we are ready for a change. If he still has a job after April 15 (if they don't strike),he has decided it is worth it to commute. We literally took a map and tried to find nice places that are no more than an afternoon's drive from both of our aging parents, mine are in Arkansas and his in Lawton, OK. We had always heard nice things about Tulsa and figured it might be a good compromise. Thanks so much for all your information and advice.
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    Where to live around Tulsa?

    Thanks so much for the info. The accelerated RN program sounds really interesting but kind of intimidating. Is anyone currently in it or survived it?
  13. I am going to be starting my nursing pre-reqs in the next year and I was wondering if there is any advantage to taking the science major versions of Biology and Chemistry instead of the typical intro versions needed for nursing? Does anyone know how much harder they are? I know after being a nurse for several years I will want to go back and get an advanced degree and possibly take some upper level nutrition classes that require Organic Chem and the regular science major Chem is a pre-req for Organic. I would appreciate any advice or comments. Thanks.
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    What areas of nursing pay the best?

    I am planning a career change into nursing in the next 2-3 years. I am 44. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am not changing into the career for the money-it is what I have always wanted to do. There are many different areas I am interested in. Some things I have thought about are: getting a doctorate and teaching in a BSN program, getting a nurse practioner degree and working in a holisitic wellness clinic, going into nursing management (I have a MBA and a CPA from many years ago). I think I do want to do this for the right reasons, however money is an issue. I would appreciate your input so I can head towards an area that I will like, and can do well financially. Thanks for your ideas.
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    Volunteering Question

    Hi! I am not a nursing student yet but I did recently start volunteering at our local hospital. I wanted to observe and learn as much as possible. I am volunteering in the ER. Because I teach fulltime and could only volunteer in the evenings or weekends my only choices were gift shop, info desk or ER. So far it is really interesting and fun. I don't get to be around the nurses much though, or see patients being treated. Mainly I greet people when they first come in, help them fill out forms and let family members back in the patient area one at a time. I'm sure it is different at every hospital, but I'm definitely glad I'm doing it.
  16. I am considering changing careers to become a nurse, and ultimately a nursing instructor in a BSN program. I currently have a BBA, MBA and am teaching math in high school. I don't have any science in my background at all. I am thinking about an associates program so that I could get some nursing experience as soon as possible, then go to a program that will take me straight to a masters. Would it be better to get a masters in nusing ed or another nursing specialty? I was planning on going directly from the masters in to a doctorate program. Do you think 2-3 years experience is enough (between the associates and masters) to be qualified to teach in a BSN program? The kicker here is that I am 44 and will probably be 46 or so before I start on all this. Other than thinking I'm crazy (which I may well be :chuckle ), I welcome any and all advice. Thanks
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    Anyone used IowaCC online?

    I am just beginning to try and take some pre-reqs and basic science courses. I have a degree in accounting and am wanting to start nursing school in a few years. I am currently teaching high school math and need something I can do at home to get the prereqs. From what I have been able to find Iowa Com College on line seems to have the cheapest courses. I wondered if anybody has used them before, which individual college you went through, and if it was a good experience? Thanks so much for your help.