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  1. I work a a local hospital as a phlebotomist and I am in nursing school. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this. It sometimes seens like nurses act like they are above and better than phlebotomist, has anyone experienced this, and when I become a nurse will I start to act the same way?
  2. I am into my third year of pre-nursing at tech. I would like to get my BSN. It is taking so long for me to even get to the point of applying to the program. I keep getting calls from ECPI about their LPN program, and I was wondering if anyone is attending one of those schools and if there is a difference. Please give me some informantion and incouragement, I am almost 40 and I am getting furstrated:crying2:
  3. jennijful

    Is cardiac nursing difficult

    I am a pre-nursing student and I have always wanted to be a cardiac nurse. How difficult is being a cardic nurse, please give me some feedback.
  4. jennijful

    Lpn exempt test

    Hi, I have applied to the BSN program and I was wondering, after I complete the lpn portion, can I sit for the NCLEX-LPN, and maybe work as a lpn while I am working on myBSN, or will I just have to complete the BSN program. Please explain how it works. Thanks:uhoh3:
  5. I have been pre-nursing classes for three years at my local community college. I am ready to apply to get into the nursing program. I have a 3.8 GPA, and I have been working at a hospital as a phlebotomist for 11 years. I applied at another hospital and got hired, but when they pulled my background it showed I had some bad checks from 17 years ago and the recended my job offer. Anyway, I contacted the DOA at the school and she said that I can apply to the nursing program, if I dont have a violent offense, but when I called the board of nursing they told me that they didnt know if they accepted nursing students with a record and that I would have to submit the application and see what happens. I dont want to go through all the trouble of nursing school and then cant be certified becouse of my record. I also contacted my local soliciotor office and they said the charges cant be expunded becouse there are more than one. Please give me some advice!