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  1. rn.d86

    ACNP - best programs in your opinion?

    I'll check out those programs. I have contacts locally to help with clinical placements but having quality lectures is paramount for me.
  2. rn.d86

    ACNP - best programs in your opinion?

    Juan, thanks for the info. This is the kind of encouragement and info that is useful, and not the typical bashing that can take place. Because I have fairly extensive amount of critical care experience, and contacts, I'm fairly certain I know what I would do after ACNP training, and where I would work. Do you mind commenting on which programs you feel are more reputable and can be done mostly online with exception to clinical and skill intensives?
  3. rn.d86

    ACNP - best programs in your opinion?

    I'm also wondering what are the good ACNP programs that can be done via distance based learning. I see a lot of complaints about bad programs, but never hear about good ones.
  4. Wanting to hear peoples experience with the program, and if they would recommend it. I live in California, and would be doing the online program. It appears they have on campus skill intensives which I like the idea of. Waiting for the recruiter to contact me to answer some of my questions.
  5. rn.d86

    UC Denver NP program

    Hi, tried searching and could not find any reviews of UC Denver np program. Considering acute care program. I like that it's mostly online with campus intesives and that it's from an established, respectable school. Would love to hear from people who have obtained a NP degree from this school and how it operates and the quality of it.
  6. rn.d86

    Radiation Exposure

    Hello, I have been a RN for several years, and have always thought of going the CRNA direction. I was wondering what the radiation exposure is for CRNA's, and if there are areas or specialties that have lower levels of radiation exposure?
  7. rn.d86

    Which FNP programs are the shortest?

    The OP mentions Georgetown, which is known for having a very good FNP program. I think it is possible to have accelerated programs that offer a good education. I know that I went to an accelerated BSN program where I learned, and actually did skills that many posters here did not do in their RN programs. Edited because I mentioned the wrong University
  8. rn.d86

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    BCaliRN, did you graduate from Holy Names, or are you going to a different NP program now? I'm trying to decide where I should apply.
  9. rn.d86

    ANCC to retire most popular, and eventually all, NP roles.

    This topic has really caught my attention. I am unable to understand why the powers that be are not offering a mechanism to convert an old credential to a newer one. This seems like a way of dividing the profession. I see that the FNP credential will be up for review in the next several years. Many nurses will be starting FNP programs in 2012. Based on the information we now know, do you think there is any reason to hold off on attending a FNP program until we see what changes are made?
  10. rn.d86

    ANCC Consensus Model - Did everyone get their letter today?

    I posted to the wrong thread. Message deleted. Sorry.
  11. rn.d86

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    MBA2RN, please keep in touch and let me know your impression of the first semester.
  12. rn.d86

    Was asked if I was bisexual?!?!?

    A physician once told me that he asks his patients, "do you have sex with boys, girls, or both?" He said that for younger clients it is vital information so that he can help assess for risk factors and provide education on safe sex practices.
  13. rn.d86

    new grad interviewing for ER tomorrow!

  14. rn.d86

    new grad interviewing for ER tomorrow!

    SF415, did you hear back regarding your interview?
  15. rn.d86

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    I'm considering the FNP program at HNU. How was the lab conducted, and what skills were learned? Did you feel ready for clinicals and practice once you graduated from the program?
  16. rn.d86

    Holy Names Oakland - FNP Program

    Canaryred, why did you choose not to go with Holy Names? What was your impression of their admission process? Congrats on Gonzaga, I have heard they are a good school.