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Critical Care (SICU/Trauma)
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MURunner86 has 2 years experience and specializes in Critical Care (SICU/Trauma).

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  1. MURunner86

    Commissioning Question

    A lot of this has to do with timing. Theoretically, your recruiter should have put your name on the scroll at the beginning of your application process, because scroll and security clearance take the longest to do. I think my scroll took about 6 months, but it was done as the very first step in my app process which totaled 8 months.
  2. MURunner86

    I'm a navy nurse and have a question

    Don't do it. Certain commands have a zero tolerance policy for this....even if you're not attached to the same command/ship/workspace.
  3. MURunner86

    Physical Exam at ODS

    It isn't a physical at all. All you will have done is prenancy test if female, titers drawn, you may get some immunizations, drug test and height/weight.
  4. I can only speak from my experience. My packet went to board around 20 July. I didn't hear back for almost 10 days, then I waited another 2 weeks for orders, and then 3 more weeks until I went to ODS.
  5. MURunner86

    Current Army ROTC Nursing Student

    ACTUALLY...this can happen, and is what almost happened to me. I had a 3.5 year ROTC scholarship and my MS3 year (Junior) they told me that the only position they had open for me was in the national guard. (Keep in mind, this wasn't due to my GPA, I graduated with a 3.91) nor my PT tests, anything military related. My school didn't have what they call a "nurse mission" (a requirement imposed upon the school by the Army to produce a certain quota of nurses. I basically said no way Jose, didn't sign up to be guard, and got out. Now I am AD Navy.
  6. MURunner86

    BSN Graduate planning to enter US Navy

    What is this requirement, just out of curiosity....? Are you a US citizen? Your english isn't so great.
  7. MURunner86

    Direct Commission into Navy Nurse Corps

    Honestly, working in the civilian side before coming in can only benefit you. All the new grads I started have to deal with so much, not only learning how to be in the military but also how to be a nurse too... Thanks!
  8. MURunner86

    Direct Commission into Navy Nurse Corps

    I meant 8 months from the first call I made to my recruiter until the time I went to ODS. I first called my recruiter in January to start the application process and went to ODS in September. I went to board July 21 and had orders Aug 18, commissioned Aug 25.
  9. MURunner86

    Direct Commission into Navy Nurse Corps

    Perhaps. Because it is the beginning of the fiscal year, money is available and they pick people up. However don't get too anxious. I would say the median time from initial contact with recruiter to ODS is generally 6 months to a year. Mine was 8 months.
  10. MURunner86

    Navy Nurse Corp Info

    If you really want to join the military and gain life experience, go Active. The Reserves isn't going to do anything for you except keep you near your family and some extra cash in your pocket. Just my two cents.
  11. MURunner86

    Anyone recently graduating from ODS

    My board met in late July, and I think I heard back the first week of August. They can't officially tell you until your commission is signed off on, which takes about 7 working days to go up to BUPERS, etc. I did my household goods move before I left for ODS, and was so glad I did. In my situation, I was moving from east coast to San Diego. I had 9 days to get from RI to CA. Anything beyond that is charged leave. It behooves you to move beforehand unless it's a short distance move. I wished someone had accurately portrayed ODS to me. They paint it as a cakewalk, and it isn't. I wouldn't say more harshly. I am prior service myself, and you are pegged for leadership positions and more is expected of you, and perhaps rightfully so. We did get liberty, but tell your family it is earned, not given. We had in barracks liberty the first weekend, on base liberty the second weekend, Newport liberty the third, and Boston the fourth weekend. Newport and Boston weekends would be the only times you'd be able to see your family on or off base.
  12. MURunner86

    Navy FY 2012 direct accession closed

    I believe it, the Navy has to get rid of 30,000 sailors by the end of FY 12.
  13. MURunner86

    General Navy Interview question

    I did one, on the phone, with a LCDR and a CAPT.
  14. MURunner86

    Direct Commission into Navy Nurse Corps

    I do think it would make a difference. It would put you head and shoulders above your peers. The Navy is trying to bring in experienced, certified nurses now due to the downsizing taking place. That, and Critical Care and ER nurses are the most highly deployed. I would imagine the waiting list would work somewhat dependent upon whether a slot was available for you somewhere. They can't commission you until you have a job somewhere. I would tell the detailer that you are open to any location, shows you want to be a Navy nurse and are open to the needs of the Navy.
  15. MURunner86

    Direct Commission into Navy Nurse Corps

    Do you have your PCCN? (the pediatric equivalent to CCRN) When I applied to the Navy, I had about 8 months of ICU experience, was working on my MSN, and graduated with a 3.91 GPA. I obtained my CCRN and really feel that it was the key factor that pushed me over the edge in the board's eyes. Certification shows initiative, and is looked at highly by the military and the civilian sector. I will tell you I was the only RN selected at my board last July.
  16. MURunner86

    Anyone recently graduating from ODS

    Hehe, what would you like to know? I just graduated 14 OCT. Ask away :)