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  1. 23 hours ago, chiromed0 said:

    Don't know if you moved yet but the market is crowded.  Yes, lots of jobs listed, some real and some recruiter bait.  Many hospital systems.  Since you have experience it will make it much easier for you than all the new grads which are killing the market.  Lots of schools here.  Pay is NOT exceptional even as recently as 2016 I have seen a 10-20% drop in what is offered.  You can still get what you want, it will take more effort.  The jobs are listed everywhere and if I were coming from out of town I'd say hit up the recruiters first to get shopped around.  They don't eat unless you get hired.  

    Thanks for your help!  Do you recommend a recruiting firm?  And can you explain what you mean by “it will take more effort” to get my requested salary? I haven’t moved yet. 

  2. This is also my 3rd year applying.  And I am tier 1, so just know that there are apparently no automatic guarantees! 😐😡. I was told that my application was marked ineligible last year because of the wrong date on a form?? But my application read eligible the whole time!  If I hadn’t asked why I didn’t get it I guess I wouldn’t have known.  Go figure.  

  3. Where do they claim it's need based?

    "We give funding preference depending on your financial need."

    NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program | Bureau of Health Workforce

    Are you eligible for loan repayment?

    Review the following NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program requirements to find out.

    You are a:

    licensed registered nurse;

    advanced practice registered nurse, such as a nurse practitioner; or

    nurse faculty member with qualifying nursing debt.

    You received your nursing education from:

    an accredited school of nursing located in a U.S. state or territory.

    You work full-time in:

    an eligible Critical Shortage Facility in a high need area (for RNs, APNs),

    an accredited school of nursing (for nurse faculty).

    We give funding preference depending on your financial need.

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  4. I have applied 3 times. I am new to comments so I do not know any of these acronyms. I have over $70k in loans. I have always worked for FQHCs and plan to continue. I started in '99 , pregnant and a single mother, my wife is also a nurse and she has $20 k in loans. We couldn't work on hers since she was the only one working for me to do my ADN and MSN for many years and we got behind on basic bills. Were just trying to keep our head above water. Our income looks high on paper, but it flys out the window when you start paying bills. Its ok , we are making it, but to wipe these loans out would help. I love where I work, I'm staying for the duration and would NEVER work anywhere else. Maybe I need to write a better cover letter??? I don't recall if it includes one now. I will pay attention next year and if it does I will include ALLLLLL these details!

    So even if you don't have $200k in loans, you can get turned down. Which is fine if they would just say this is a totally random award and not continue to claim that it's need based. But I do feel your pain.

  5. Actually, we never know the private circumstances of people so we shouldn't judge. But, Idk how they will know if you are likely to stay or not. One of the ladies I work with will be finishing her third year and is actively searching for new employment. My friend is going on her 4th year at a FQHC. This lady also went to schools that did not cost as much as my friends. She shouldn't be punished for going to a higher rated school. The stated purpose is that this is need based. I really don't see it, but they didn't ask me...

  6. I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate those of you of whom received the awards. I can only imagine how helpful it is. With that being said, these awards are no more need based than I am a polka dot centaur! Lol. I don't know how they award the repayment but if it really were, then how would Tier 2 people ever be awarded if I never was with a DTI of about 180%! An NP I work with has $60k of debt with $90k in salary. But like me my friend wasn't awarded, and she has $200k in debt with $99k salary. Not bitter just sayin'. I don't know.

  7. Hello all, I have been an FNP for about 4 years with 3 years of work experience. I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to reveal (since we are all anonymous) the estimated pay scale at UMMC or Baptist Hospital. I currently work at an FQHC and I am becoming burnt out quickly. I love helping people but the policies here are burdensome. Any help will help! Thanks.

  8. RN, CSF, DTI 239%, HPSA 15. Still waiting to hear... I am honestly going to get an ulcer. I'm in the process of taking on a mortgage by myself and my federal loan payments just went up. I'm not sure I'll make it without this.

    Absolutely! We are in the same boat!!! Ya know everyone working at a qualifying place should get an award of some extent. The government spends enough money each year on stupid stuff. They could do some actual good with our tax dollars!!!!!

  9. I'm not sure I understand how this relates to loan repayment. Why would patients sending letters to HRSA determine nursing loan repayment? HRSA funds tons of other programs. Maybe your company is referring to one of the other programs.

    I thought we all worked for FQHCs? But not funding for NurseCorps specifically cut for HRSA. FQHCs are funded under the umbrella of HRSA. HRSA dictates our health measures because we receive so much of our funding from them. Our CEO was stating that the projected budget for HRSA (meaning: FQHCs, HRSA and NurseCorps scholarships and loan repayments included) is looking to be cut. If our facility budget is cut, our site would close. Therefore, our CEO has implemented letters for our patients to sign and send to the government. However, I'm thinking that whatever information our CEO has is not good. Which would also translate to us. Maybe that is why this years process has been so different than previous years.

  10. Ok, this morning at work our CEO announced that there is "a problem" with our HRSA funding. We are now asking patients to sign letters to send to congress. Her message did not state exactly what the "problem" was. But this is what some of us had assumed already. That this year has taken so long because HRSA is making sure they can cover the awards given. Have you guys heard of anything like this at your FQHCs?