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FNP: Urgent Care; RN: Med-Surg

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  1. Thank you. That makes me feel a little better. But I wonder if there is a list of states who require a BSN/ADN before taking the NCLEX.
  2. Thanks for your answers. I was wondering about Vanderbilt's program that does not grant a BSN before taking the NCLEX. Since I really want to work in California, I am worried that I will not be able to practice there.
  3. AnaLong

    The Nurse Practice Acts and Direct Entry Programs

    "The Nurse Practice Acts in several states require that nurses hold an earned degree (AAS/BSN in nursing) or a diploma in nursing prior to successful completion of the NCLEX examination in order to obtain a registered nursing license in that state. Generic master's students who licensed via a certificate program and then continued on to obtain an MSN as the first nursing degree would not be able to be licensed in those states." I was wondering if anyone had a list of these states, or if any Direct Entry graduates have run into any problems.
  4. AnaLong

    Gre Scores

    I made a 1000 the first time and 1010 the second time. I have not applied to any school.
  5. AnaLong

    Vanderbilt, UMASS, UVM Direct Entry MSN

    The link to the above mentioned article is: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/reporter/index.html?ID=4177
  6. AnaLong

    Vanderbilt Direct Entry Fall 2011

    Does anyone know how many they accept for FNP?
  7. AnaLong

    Vanderbilt Pre-specialty Fall 2011

    Does anyone know how many spots are in the FNP program. Also, would you guys mind posting your stats? My gpa is 3.6 with gre of 1000. Not very impressive.
  8. Hello, I am writing yet another Vanderbilt GRE question post, because I am 'oh so nervous' about not getting in. I just took the gre and scored 1000 and haven't received my writing results back. I am currently a mental health direct care worker with a degree in psychology and chemistry. First of all, what do you think I need to make for them to give me a second glance? For those of you who have gone in pre-specialty what were your stats (if you don't mind my asking)? Secondly, I want to become an FNP because I think it's more marketable then I want to do a post-cert for ACNP. How strange will it look to have a psych degree and not want to be a mental health np? How do I explain that on an application? Thanks for your help! Hopeful nurse one day.