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FNP: Urgent Care; RN: Med-Surg

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    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Do you guys think it is really first come first serve? I'm really getting nervous now.
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    VA NP programs that require no RN experience

    It can be done. My cohort and I are proof. We love our jobs and are good at what we do. I can understand where you are coming from. But please understand that they only way to know for sure, it to be an NP without RN experience. It's not that we don't appreciate nursing, we do! But I feel that we should meet in the middle and respect each other.
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    VA NP programs that require no RN experience

    Go for it! I have not heard of the program that you are talking about but I am sure they exist. I replied because I read some discouraging remarks. You can become and practice as an NP without being an RN! It is NOT unheard of and we do a great job. In fact, some employers will say that sometimes it is better to find us as we are not yet jaded. That is not to take away from anyone's experience! However, don't be discouraged. Just understand that you can do it!
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    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    This is my first year applying as an NP. I applied and submitted the first day then realized I made a mistake a couple of days before the deadline and had to resubmit. I'm afraid because other posts seem to think it's first come first serve, but I sent in an email and they stated that they review them all before making awards. I'm just anxious! I really need some help. My score is 17 I think and a ratio of 180%!
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    SO BAD at drawing blood, starting IV's??

    I used to say the same thing. But your clinical instructor has started thousands of I.V.'s versus your 5. Which is good! It can be defeating to miss a vein and cause the patient another stick, but the more you do it the better you will get. Once you get on the floor and it's do or die, I have great confidence that you will hit the vein. Keep practicing your technique and find a way to do that you are comfortable with. Once you find your own position, every vein is the same. :}
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    FNP in the Main ED

    At my critical access hospital, there is 1 FNP and 1 RN and in my opinion 1 big chance for disaster. My MS BON has a position statement allowing FNP's in ERs. However, I look at it this way. In the court of law if G-d forbid one of these FNPs kills somebody or somebody dies, all the plaintiff's attorney has to do is pull out the FNP curriculum and ask the FNP where in his/her education were they taught to deliver babies, intubate, insert chest tubes, thoracentesis, etc. The next Level 1 trauma hospital from us is 1 hour by ambulance or you can WAIT for the helicopter. A life can't always wait in my opinion. I am an FNP, I work in urgent care. To me there is a difference. FNPs belong in primary care. If anything, a dually certified ACNP in both adult and PEDS critical care should be allowed in EDs. No offense to anyone, but I just feel that it the best way to protect the patient #1 , your license #2 , hospital liability #3 , NP profession #4. In our situation anyway where there is 1 FNP and 1 RN.
  7. Please, please, please follow your dreams. I know a nurse who was an LPN for 17 years. She went back and got her ADN. And she didn't do a bridge program she went through the whole 'shabang.' She said that she had nothing against those who do, it was just not right for her. Do what is right for you! You have the experience. I really don't think you would have a problem with placement. It probably would even be a plus with a future employer!
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    Unemployed Vanderbilt FNP

    Dear traumaRUs, I wanted to tell you that I sent in my resume to my local hospital. The hospital administrator called me for an interview!! He said that he was very impressed and thought that it was such a lucky coincidence that I lived so close with my education. He offered me the next FNP position! He stated that one longtime FNP is leaving and that I was welcome to train with her before she leaves. In the meantime, I am working as an RN at that hospital. He told me I could start that day! Jokingly of course. I want to personally thank you for being open-minded about me and my situation. It means a lot for someone of your experience to help me just starting out. Your support is immensely appreciated. Is your specialty trauma? I would love to pick your brain sometimes. I work with an RN who has been an ICU RN sine 1975!!. She came to our floor to work out her last years. She is always telling me stories about her experience. It is fascinating! I don't think I'm in the trauma/ICU mindset, but it is great that she is willing to teach and share her experiences with me. You guys are the type of RN's that I look up to. Thank you so much again! Regards, AnaLong
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    Unemployed Vanderbilt FNP

    Thank you so much. I never thought of Housecalls. I honestly thought that maybe I didn't qualify for this. There is a local owned 'housecall' nursing business in my small town. I occasionally go to Bible study with an RN that works for them. Perhaps I will ask her about it.
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    Unemployed Vanderbilt FNP

    I never thought about that! I could probably get an good understanding on HIV/AIDs and maybe Hepatitis. I will look into this. Thanks!
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    Unemployed Vanderbilt FNP

    Dear Heathermaizey, I have read your comments. Although, I am a bit confused as to why you would write to offer criticism instead of relevant advice. However, your comments are not unheard of and especially not new to me and my Vanderbilt cohort. Imagine working our RN clinical rotations with openly hostile nurses who were supposed to be teaching and modeling patient care. They instead offered disappointing and snarky comments for 12 hours. There were however, other nurses who modeled nursing perfection. They focused on the care of the patient and really cared about training another generation of RNs. I have the upmost respect for these RN's. They are what I want to grow into being Yet, I acknowledge your concerns about my cheapening” the nursing career. I wonder as an experienced RN are you aware of the current ongoing controversy among BSNs, ADNs, and Magnet status hospitals. I digress. But I must ask. How much experience did I need as an RN before becoming an NP? What type of RN experience? Let's say I was a psych nurse for 20 years and I went back to become an ACNP. Would that be okay? If so, why? Wouldn't I needed to quit my psych RN job, work a year in med-surg so that I could qualify for ICU and then work in the ICU? How long should I stay in the ICU before it is appropriate to seek further education? Would it not also depend on the person? I see. I am an FNP. So I should have worked maybe 5 years as an RN? Certainly not as a bedside med-surg RN! Perhaps I should have worked in a primary care clinic? The only problem with that is, I don't know about your PCP, but with mine, the RN does not come in the room with the PCP. What to do? Maybe I should have become a PA. That would have been okay. If that is okay by you, what would be your reasoning? Is it the one about they are trained under the medical model and NP's are trained under the nursing model. That's a very pessimistic view of NP's. For years we have been advocating about our safety and cost-effectiveness then in the same breathe say, But you should totally go see a PA because they have better training.” Am I the only one that doesn't understand? I suppose so. A CNA that I work with told me one day that all RN's should have to be CNA's first. How far should we take this? Paralegal before lawyer, dental hygienist before dentist, teacher's aide before teacher. I fear that we are still giving pregnant women orange juice to induce labor and Castor oil for constipation. Since you are already an experienced nurse, you know that evidence has proved that Castor oil is Category X. Things change, evidence changes, practices change, traditions change. I assume if you and other nay-sayers are still serious about this you can advocate through your local nursing organization. You could write letters to schools that offer DE programs such as: The University of Alabama at Birmingham(#13), University of California Los Angeles(#19), Yale University(#22), Johns Hopkins University(#2), Boston College(#34), Columbia University(#11), University of Pennsylvania(#1), Vanderbilt University(#11), Marquette University(#51), + many more. The numbering beside the name indicated the ranking with U.S. News & World Report, 2015 Best Graduate Nursing School.” I do not mean to insult your intelligence because I know that as a seasoned RN this is not news to you. I hope you truly understand that I have absolutely nothing against an experienced RN, absolutely nothing against a PA. We do the same thing only on different levels and with different education. Direct entry NPs are no more or less an NP as one who had 20+ years of experience. We all take the same entry level exam. My cohort did not enroll in school with the intent of tearing down and demeaning experienced RNs. So, why do it to us? My degree does not negate your experience and hard work. On the same hand, your experience does not negate my hard work and degree. I do not like to tear down people who do not share any of my struggles and who do not learn the same way I learn. I wrote to Beth for legitimate advice, hoping readers could see me in themselves and offer heartfelt advice to help a fellow RN. I was aware of your type of bias; I did not however, imagine on this site that people would be rude to me. Besides being off topic, this was not the place for that. I don't understand why we cannot work together to build up the profession of nursing. Why would I want to pursue a career that I thought was cheap?” In your years of nursing don't you remember when M.D.'s said that NP's were cheapening” medicine? We are doing the same thing to each other, it's ridiculous, and it is time to stop. I would love to engage you in real meaningful conversation. PM me if necessary.
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    Nurse Practitioner Salary in Mississippi

    Thank you for your reply. I just wanted a couple of figures in order to gauge offers. I really appreciate you!
  13. Hi All! I am a recent graduate and very recently just passed AANP boards. I moved back to Mississippi and have been very curious about FNP or APRN salaries in general. I have looked at websites and Salary Advance, but I would like to hear from the people if you don't mind. So, if you don't mind sharing, what was your starting salary and where in Mississippi do you work. If you don't want to put a specific place, just please state regions (North, Central, South). Thank you so much for your help.
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    Labor and Delivery New Grad?

    I am a new nurse and was wondering if L&D would be a good first job. It was my favorite in nursing school, but what goes on behind the scenes? Is there a lot of overtime? I guess I'm asking what is it really like? If this is not a first good placement, what would be? (Med-Surg, Neurology, Psych?) Thanks for you honest input.
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    RN Salary: UMMC or Baptist

    I was wondering if anyone knew if The University of Mississippi Medical Center or if Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS pays the most? I am just wondering also, which hospital is best to work at. Any information would be appreciated. If you don't want to disclose online please PM me. Thank you!
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    Labor and Delivery New Grad?

    Thank you so much for the support. I just loved the environment.
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    fnp exam

    I am so sorry to hear that. I just passed boards last week. I bought Fitzgerald and it did not help me much. I listened to her and took notes and studied her but she did not offer much help. Just random information. I did do Barkley that someone had gave me and it is much more in depth with useful information. I did Barkley (studied the book over and over) and I did Leik. I also did the 600 practice questions in the back of her book. I ordered 10 tests from AANP-FNP.com and mainly used those to see how I was progressing. I would take one test at the end of each week. I studied for 7 weeks, 49 days with no days off, 3 1/2 hours each day. Please regroup and retest. You can do it!
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    AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)

    Hi, I am sorry that you did not pass. If it helps, I did use Fitzgerald but it did not help me much. I feel that if I had done just that I too would have failed. Just my opinion. I did use Barkley that someone gave me and I had questions on the test seemingly directly from Barkley that I did not see in Fitzgerald. The Leik book is a must have. So I studied for 7 weeks each day I did not take days off, and 3 1/2 hours each day. I hope you will retake the test. Good Luck.
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    Vanderbilt MSN 2015

    HI! I actually just graduated from Vandy in August. If you have any questions, message me or reply here. As for your question, it was 2012 so I do not fully remember but it is not long.
  20. Hi All! I am a recent graduate and very recently just passed AANP boards. I moved back to Mississippi and have been very curious about FNP or APRN salaries in general. I have looked at websites and Salary Advance, but I would like to hear from the people if you don't mind. So, if you don't mind sharing, what was your starting salary and where in Mississippi do you work. And please put your specialty (FNP, ACNP). If you don't want to put a specific place, just please state regions (North, Central, South). Thank you so much for your help.
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    Has Any Body Taken AANP-2014 FNP Boards?s

    I promised myself that after I passed I too would post an update. I just passed AANP 2014 boards today! What I did might seem like overkill to some people but it worked for me. I studied for 7 weeks, 3 hours a day plus a study buddy for study sessions. I did Fitzgerald and Barkley. Barkley helped the most. If I had just done Fitzgerald, I would have failed. There were questions on my exam seemingly directly from Barkley. I bought 10 tests from AANPFNP.com and passed those. I took one every week to assess my progress. I went over and over the Barkley book. I had a very strict study schedule that I stuck to. I also did Leik and the 600 questions in the back of the book. I tried to use Fitzgerald's NP study book that you buy on Amazon, but it did not help me much. There you go and good luck on your test!
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    Has Any Body Taken AANP-2014 FNP Boards?s

    Thank you so much SuccessfullLady! I appreciate your feedback so much. 5-8 hours a day seems like a lot but I guess it paid off in the end. Perhaps that is doable for me! My FNP director said that I cannot take the test until end of September, early October because of all of the paperwork that has to be turned in and I graduate August 3rd. That makes me sad about the Fitzgerald CD's because I have always heard great things about them
  23. AnaLong

    Has Any Body Taken AANP-2014 FNP Boards?s

    Hi All, I will be taking the boards this fall. I am also wondering how you studied and how long. I have heard great things about the Fitzgerald Review Course and will be buying the CDs. I am really nervous but I feel like the more prepared I am the better I will be.
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    Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application

    Has anyone gotten their financial aid award letter? The website says to expect it this week.
  25. So even with experience you had to learn your job. Just like everyone else does. So why look down on someone's training as hogwash?