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  1. Palliative Care, DNP

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    My program provided zero assistance with finding preceptors unless you were located in Louisiana where the school is located. I found all of my preceptors some good and some not so much. This is my biggest argument for students finding their own preceptors. We are so desperate that we end up taking whoever says yes. Begging is not networking nor professional. I would not advise my own children to go the NP route but to choose another path or healthcare career due to this.
  2. Palliative Care, DNP

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    During my pediatric rotation my preceptor was the one that was unprofessional. Not once but twice she was gone for a week at a time and never said a word to me. Luckily, another provider took pity on me and took me on. One of these weeks was also when my faculty came to observe and evaluate me. Sometimes, professionalism needs to be revisited by students and working NPs alike.
  3. No site visits because they oversee too many states is BS. Loyola University New Orleans sends faculty to every site every semester. We even had students in Hawaii & Canada. Your program doesn't want to make the effort. Big difference. Hindsight being 20/20, had I known what I know now I never would have completed a NP program. It is unprofessional for students to literally beg for preceptors. Often, the student accepts the first person that says yes. It doesn't mean it is a good fit nor learning environment. Shadowing is merely meeting hour quotas not learning anything. If faculty actually visited you that would have been assessed. So we are churning out NPs that are really not learning anything except how to "network" aka beg and accept scraps of an education. Perhaps that is why several states do not agree with independent practice.
  4. Palliative Care, DNP

    Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant

    There are FNPs working in Psych but they could have serious scope of practice issues if something goes wrong. Most FNP programs have maybe 1 class on behavioral health and no psychopharmacology. When I took the Firzgerald review the instructor mentioned 3 FNPs working in psych for the VA system that all ended up before the BON after being reported for working outside their scope of practice. We simply do not receive the training necessary to work in psych. Proceed with caution.
  5. Palliative Care, DNP

    Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    The truth is people at work aren't your friends. They are acquaintances that you work with for 12 hours. When you go home they don't come with you. Co-workers are supposed to be team members during that 12 hour shift working together to provide better patient care. They aren't there to have your back or ensure that you love your job. People place too much weight on what a co-worker is. As long as they take care of their patients, help when they are able, & show up at a code who cares how quickly they move up? I don't because I'm there to pay my bills not worry about how someone else pays theirs. Karma always catches up. It's only a matter of time before that nurse feels like she can trust the wrong co-worker. Then she will be the one talking about the knife in her back. Keep work at work and your life outside of that.
  6. Palliative Care, DNP

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Just saw LaTryphosia picture that on a name tag smh
  7. Palliative Care, DNP

    The Insanity That Is APA in Nursing School

  8. Palliative Care, DNP

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    My great aunt's legal name is Atilda Pinkna Love Devine Isabel Sycamore Sarah Caroline. We have always called her Great Aunt Attie. Her parents named her after all the living women on both sides.
  9. Palliative Care, DNP

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    Wowing patients as the standard is exactly why I am in graduate school. Our goal should not be to wow every patient. That isn't why any of us became nurses. We are there to provide the highest level of care we can but some folks will never be wowed. Some people will run us to death and use us as waitresses for 12 hours and not even a thank you. That is our reality
  10. Palliative Care, DNP

    The Fifteen

    As another oncology RN I really appreciate your story. Thank you for sharing. We definitely deal with a different level of mortality rates:redpinkhe