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Med-Surg, LTC, Psych, Addictions.
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thenursemandy has 13 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, LTC, Psych, Addictions..

LPN since March 2004. RN since December 2012. BSN since February 2016. MSN FNP student @ Troy University.

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  1. thenursemandy

    Troy University FNP Fall 2016

  2. thenursemandy

    indiana state fnp online

    No. I'm in Florida currently, but I'm from Indiana. Indiana just happens to have several quality, affordable options, so I'm looking there instead of locally Good luck.
  3. thenursemandy

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    A girl that I worked with was a no call, no show. A few days later she showed up. Her excuse for not coming? A tornado pushed her car off the road and she need stitches on her scalp. I sympathized and tried to look at her scalp. I don't know why she wouldn't let me see!!!
  4. thenursemandy

    indiana state fnp online

    I will be applying soon, as I'm I'm my final semester of my BSN currently. I'm originally from Indiana and am considering Ball State, IPFW, ISU, USI and Indiana Wesleyan. My GPA is under 3.5 though. I had a complicated pregnancy and delivery, so I didn't focus on my studies as well as I could have. I hope that doesn't prevent me from getting in.
  5. thenursemandy

    indiana state fnp online

    That's great! Congrats. :) If you don't mind sharing, what's your GPA, years of nursing?
  6. thenursemandy

    Fall 2015 FNP Clayton State

    Update please folks! How is it going so far? Anyone mind sharing their gpa?
  7. thenursemandy

    Pensacola/Destin area

    Do any Pensacola area hospitals have unions?
  8. thenursemandy

    NP Programs that Provide Preceptors

    I believe IPFW still does. They're in Fort Wayne Indiana.
  9. thenursemandy

    is it nurse's week?

    We got a cookie, milk, and a multicolored pen. I felt more like a school girl than a grown nurse.....but I was happy they showed appreciation. I truly like my job.
  10. thenursemandy

    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    Thumbs up on the stereotypes part.
  11. thenursemandy

    A nursing home with no nurses.

    Lindarn, I happen to looove your $0.02 :)
  12. thenursemandy

    Looking into Excelsior

    Excelsior does NOT want you to fail! They are truly happy when we pass. They're making sure we are safe and competent. If people fail its because of nerves or lack of preparation. I studied diligently, went in without nerves and passed.
  13. thenursemandy

    Medtech's program .. LPN vs RN

    I would avoid them like the plague. Their credits rarely transfer, they charge way too much, accreditation issues....I could go on. Please consider IPFW, Ivy Tech or IUSB. LPNs mostly work in LTC, occasionally in Drs offices or clinics, and very rarely in hospitals. You'd be limiting yourself.
  14. thenursemandy

    Ivy Tech NCLEX pass rates

    I went to Ivy Tech South Bend. I learned a lot, passed NCLEX the 1st time and found a job right away.....but that was in 2004. It was very affordable too. I'm glad I was chosen for the program, as many that applied were not. Some people apply several years before getting accepted.
  15. thenursemandy

    MSN-FNP programs

    Agreed. Too much. There are several quality programs in the $25-$35,000 range. Indiana State University, Frontier University, Univ if Cincinnati...