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  1. DreameRN

    Lower GPA for CRNA school

    totally depends on the school. I had a terrible prereq GPA, something like 2.8. I goofed off a bunch prior, but got serious in nursing school. But my BSN was a 3.6ish. My science GPA was (after I retook two of four classes) a 3.1, the minimum to be considered at my school. So it really depends. If you can meet their minimums and sell yourself at the interview, then you are good. Know yourself and what you can do. I know my bad grades were from lack of effort. I'm currently in my 3rd semester of CRNA school with a 4.0 now.
  2. DreameRN

    Go Fund Me

    Just heard about this the other day. Just about to finish up my first year as a student as well, so I don't feel like I truly have a voice or a sense of the history involved and definitely have not worked in the environments that this could cause increased tensions in. I see good points on both sides. Notably for me, I don't want the -ologist name because it has the MD connotation to it and I'm glad I'm a nurse and had this route. However I get that it does mean Expert in Field, and it would be easier for patients to understand. I also dislike that AAs use anesthetist and the line is getting blurred between the CRNA and AA professions, especially in ACT practice areas. https://www.nurseanesthesiologistinfo.com/ I don't know. I think I'll be surprised if it passes, it will be interesting to watch as I attend my first annual meeting. There is the fact they raised over 60k for it.
  3. DreameRN

    Scared/feel unprepared for CRNA school?

    I felt the same exact way. I felt like I had somehow fooled them and I was not going to be up to the task. I even failed my first quiz in the program and I was terrified. However, I'm almost completed with my first year now, and I have pulled all As. It's just day by day building confidence, learning the material, learning how you study best, and putting in the time. I can also tell you my professors are extremely supportive. They want us to succeed and want us to learn. So they'll answer any questions, any email to the best they can, and have stated many times that if we are struggling, let them know and they'll help us. Makes for a very safe learning environment.
  4. DreameRN

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    If it helps, I put him through his schooling before I went back, where I worked and he just went to school. Its building a future together and supporting each other.
  5. DreameRN

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    My stats were average. 3.5 GPA for BSN, 3.2 for sciences. I goofed off alot before I went to nursing school and my grades showed it. I had to retake several classes and get As and pay for it myself. I had a 310 GRE. I had 10 years of ICU. My stats got me an interview, because I met minimum requirements. The interview is what gets you your place in a program typically. As for living, I'm living off my husband and getting health insurance from him, and taking out loans for tuition, and taking out living loans for the amount that is left over after my husband's paycheck. CRNA is something I evolved to wanting to do after being in the ICU for 10 years and just wanted more, so I did not have a savings account going in like those that plan for it and apply after 1-2 years in ICU. It just is what it is, and we can be disciplined when I'm out and pay it back in 3-4 years. I take out what I need, with a little cushion in case the car breaks down, or the dog eats the sofa and I focus on school. Practically speaking, it helps that we are not attached to one area so when I'm out I can both follow the money and take my time finding a good job fit both financially and practice wise--I don't want to be highly restricted, I didn't pay all this money to not do what I'm trained to do. I'd worry more about my loans if I was tied to a geographical area and didn't want to move so had to take whatever pay was offered.
  6. DreameRN

    CRNA School and Debt Advice

    I feel you on this. I had about 60k in undergrad, and did travel nursing for a couple years to pay off most of it. I'm nervous about taking more out, but the salary is that much bigger and if you don't increase your lifestyle to match, you can pay it down. 300K is a chunk of change though, that really can take a while. plus with that amount, i'd bet your monthly payment would be high, maybe 3-4K, so that's a factor. I'd suggest getting as frugal as you can and chucking money at your debt now while you are working. Perhaps take some travel assignments until school (if you get it, and then keep working and doing them if you don't) and max out OT with positions like fastaff--you can make like >2000 a week if you want and either save up for school to live on or put it on undergrad debt. Good luck, whatever you do.
  7. DreameRN

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    I will....have to let you know. I'm in first year, have several left, but I can tell you that i LOVE what I'm learning. And I start clinical later this year so once I get into that, hopefully I love that too. Also, props to offlabel, I about spit out my green tea because of your comment, that was pretty hilarious...