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Iridescent Orchid has 1 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in CNA/LPN.

I'm Mindy, a 21 year old LPN Student, in the first semester of my program!

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  1. Iridescent Orchid

    What a week! Withdrew from clinical...

    Thank you very much! I am thankful that for our area, it does not matter if they are concurrently taken or not!
  2. Iridescent Orchid

    What a week! Withdrew from clinical...

    I'll try to explain this as simply as I can. I will continue doing Med/Surg I theory now and if I pull my grade up, I will then be able to go on to Med/Surg II theory in July -- if I pass both, I will make up clinical portions in August and complete Med/Surg III and IV the following semester, along with their clinical. If I do not make it through Med/Surg I this semester, I will repeat it in August. Basically, dropping clinical put me one to two semester behind depending on my progress, but it is what it is. There are a lot of circumstances, financial aid-wise, financially (in general) and personally, for my reasoning and I am thankful that my adviser took the time to explain all of my options to me. If I would have kept everything on my plate that were on there, it would have all just been downhill from there. Everyone has different circumstances and different ways of handling them. I can only hope everything is going to work out for me through this journey.
  3. Iridescent Orchid

    LPN Student debating completing CNA instead

    Thanks everyone! I got the job, but will not be working full-time. I am going to continue on for my LPN with whatever it takes. This will be enough ease my financial stress and give me a sense of feeling like I can do for myself more often, rather than asking others for gas money or money for needs. I did what I felt I needed to do at this time. I may still live at home with my parents, but they do not give anything freely or without complaining, even with being a full-time nursing student, so I must work and am fortunate that it is related to healthcare, considering I do not have any experience and am not certified.
  4. Iridescent Orchid

    What a week! Withdrew from clinical...

    Thanks for the tip! I talked with my adviser and she says I will have no complications with the state board from withdrawing from clinical this semester. I got the job, so I am hoping everything else is on it's way to falling into place as time passes. Thanks again! :)
  5. Iridescent Orchid

    What a week! Withdrew from clinical...

    OK, so I could not begin to explain the issues in my life right now! I won't even spend time on yapping about that! Basically, so much has went on. This summer semester is 8 weeks, instead of our usual 15-week semesters. I was Mighty Mindy and decided I could take on Med/Surg I & II, as well as both of their clinical portions as well, in this 8-week period, along with everything else on my plate. I have bombed the first two exams in Med/Surg I and I now have a 62 average. Clinical was adding stress that I could not describe, along with my current financial situation...let me just say, last week...I was close to snapping in half and it was going to be far from pretty...I cried my eyeballs out enough for 5 people last week. Basically, I knew I wanted to drop clinical two weeks ago, after I noticed how unwell it was mixing with my studies for theory. This isn't just something I want to zip through in four weeks at a time, you know? I feel this is information I really need to focus on and retain. SO, I knew I wanted to drop clinical, but I also knew that meant half of my Pell refund would be going with that decision as well. I am having car issues and just many financial difficulties...but, I decide I need to drop clinical anyway, or I was going to have many more problems on my hand in the coming weeks. The day I decide I am going to officially drop clinical, I get a call from a home health care business that I put in an application for well over a month ago for a CNA. I have an interview tomorrow. I am still not sure if I am regretting this decision or not...but this will be my first healthcare job and I feel this is an important part of my career as well, you know? I don't want to pass it up. I must say I really do hate getting one to two semesters behind in my LPN program as well. Maybe this is all a blessing. Only time will tell! I just had to rant a little bit. Carry on!
  6. Iridescent Orchid

    New Lpn student

    Welcome to allnurses! You will find so much information and advice here through your journey! :) Best of luck to you in the program!
  7. Iridescent Orchid

    LPN Student debating completing CNA instead

    Thanks everyone! I am staying in the program. I withdrew from the clinical portions and am keeping theory. I will complete the clinical portion next semester, depending on the amount of clinical space they have. I also have a job interview tomorrow for a CNA position for home health care. This is bound to ease my financial stress a little, if I land the job. It's hard living off of a financial aid check, then running out of funds and having to ask others for gas money and whatnot, when they aren't all too willing to help. I currently have a 62 in Med/Surg I and only have three more exams and a final to pull this up...I am going to try my best. There is a lot going on in my life as a while right now, but you guys are right. I just could not stomach the thought of withdrawing from the program I've worked so hard to get in and to stay in. Thanks for the encouraging words!
  8. Iridescent Orchid

    LPN Student debating completing CNA instead

    I am a second semester LPN student and am having very many hardships within this 8-week semester vs our usual 15-weeks. I have failed my first two exams of the summer semester and there is not enough time in the day to study as much as I am needing to. Lots of personal things arising at the same time, and other financially straining things. I am withdrawing from the clinical portion and am going to solely focus on theory for the remaining of the month... I have completed one course prior to getting accepted into the program, leaving me only 3 more to complete for my CNA or 4 more to complete my acute PCT certificate. Have any of you done this before? I just remember falling so in love with LTC my first semester and miss it. I also miss working and hate living one student loan disbursement to the next because I am not a person who can do a full-time LPN program and work at the same time. I have a plan to go for my CNA or my PCT certificate and then transferring to another college to complete my pre-reqs for the RN program in my area. I could have either of those in one semester's time and can be working, and enjoying what I do, while I work towards my optimal goal. I am not having that great of a support system with this decision, for whatever their reasons may be! Just looking for some comfort from those who have lacked a support system through their hardships and whatnot, as well as someone who may have decided to drop LPN to pursue CNA while working on their RN instead...
  9. Iridescent Orchid

    Just had my first hospital clinical day

    Hope my first official clinical day in Med/Surg turns out as good as yours did! I am so nervous it isn't even funny. Last semester I did LTC clinical rotations, now this just feels so nerve-racking. I couldn't tell you how I am feeling right now, all I can say is that I have been pretty snappy to everyone around me all day, due to what is to come this week. I am in an 8-week semester for Med/Surg I and II, along with their clinical as well, and I am going insane. Tomorrow and Tuesday are full hospital days, we have to do a database on our patient and Tuesday we have to do care plans... and Wednesday we have an exam over 5 chapters. Anyone wanna dig my grave for me?
  10. Iridescent Orchid

    Summer 2012 - Check in

    Med Surg I and II as well as their clinical portions in 8 weeks! Eeek! If you guys don't see me on here for a while, I am in hell.
  11. Iridescent Orchid

    Verdict is in.....

    Huge congratulations to you! I wish you nothing but the best!
  12. Iridescent Orchid

    struggling in my med-surg course.. study tips?

    I just wanted to give a huge thanks to all of you who have posted tips! I am in summer semester, in which I will actually be taking Med Surg I and II in an 8-week time span. I am still working really hard to key in on and develop better critical thinking skills, so that flow sheet really is going to help loads! Thanks tons Daytonite! :)
  13. Iridescent Orchid

    Help!! Very Scared and Confused!

    Congratulations on your decision and I wish you nothing but the best! :)
  14. Iridescent Orchid

    Second Semester Tomorrow!

    I'll be taking Med/Surg I and II as well as their clinical portions in a 9-week span. I am excited, but at the same time very nervous. A fellow student sent me a text earlier today to remind me that we will be doing 19-point physical assessment and BP check offs tomorrow morning when we get there and that our instructor wants us to be spot-on. I am confident in my knowledge in those areas, of course...but I have nerves that are out of this world sometimes, and really do not want to screw up. I have learned to control them greatly by the end of first semester, but it creeps back up randomly. When I read the text I immediately had a hot flash and it left me really flustered. My fiance didn't know how serious I was when I was saying I was having one, but then he felt how sweaty and hot I suddenly became. They have become exhausting! I have had quite a few this past week in regards to school conversations...I am hoping this passes. It was not a problem first semester at all! I am not too sure what has brought all of this on, but I am hoping once into the semester good, it will all pass. Anyone else had this kind of anxiety when it came to a new semester in the LPN program? Not too sure what else to say in this post, without running on and on, but basically just wanting to feel like this is normal, I guess?
  15. Iridescent Orchid

    What are your study habits?

    I also feel the same as you. I've been wondering if I've been doing something wrong and not devoting as much time to studying as I should, because I somehow still have a pretty active life outside of school. I study as much as I feel I need to. There are some nights I will study two hours, some nights I'll study a total of four or more hours with breaks in between. I also feel as if I don't study as much as I should, but I am also still passing my courses and understanding the material...while I am not making the greatest grades in the class, I am still doing good considering. I think I am going to continue to do my own pattern when it comes to studying. I am pretty rational with telling myself I don't understand something and need to spend more time on it, so that's what I'll do. I will continue to study as I need to study and I hope that keeps working for me.
  16. Iridescent Orchid

    Summer 2012

    ------ is the only instructor you will have first semester. She'll teach NF and Drug Cal. I am not sure if you are allowed to record lectures or not. No one in my class asked her. We were allowed to bring our laptops and whatnot to take notes as she lectured, but not sure about a tape recorder! :)