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  1. ixchel

    Is this fair?

    Is this a for-profit school?
  2. I learned very, very quickly that you can't save patients from themselves. That, to me, was no big deal. The hardest thing? When the patient DOES want to save themselves, but there are literally no resources available to make them successful at it.
  3. ixchel

    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    I HATE it when people try to be my friend. I feel like ADNs flirt overtly immaturely as well. They make me feel icky with all of their awkward conversation.
  4. BY LAW, your facility is required to make reasonable accommodations, which includes allowing you light duty. For more information, you can look this up under EEOC's ADA online. Any conversation you have regarding this should take place in writing. Trust me on this.
  5. ixchel

    Mispronunciations that drive you nuts

    Nope! Do share!
  6. ixchel

    Violence in Nursing

    There is a pretty large group on facebook actively working on this exact problem. They have one gigantic group and then small groups for each state actively working to create better legislative changes. They've been looking at recent events and they are even sponsoring a rally in Geneva that's happening on Friday. People are flying in for it, and IL legislators are attending. It's a pretty big deal. I know we're not allowed to link people to stuff on other social media sites, so I wont, but if you guys want to see things change and be part of it, that's a great place to be. Beth, if you're feeling strongly about making things better, maybe a link *could* be okay for this? Keywords for searching in the meantime - healthcare workers protection act. They have a page and a group. The page is there to direct people into the group. The group is where the work is being done. It's not just a facebook group. They are a foundation promoting education, advocacy, and aiming to have laws that *actually* help.
  7. ixchel

    WILTW 9/13: Social Calls and Social Justice

    I hate how crazy med admin times are! I have a sheet I use to organize my day, and the days when I look down and see things due literally every hour are just ridiculous. BUT! My favorite thing? When med admin times actually do coordinate properly, leaving you with 4 IV meds that take 30-60 min each all due at the same time, and it's on a patient with limb precautions and 18 blown veins.
  8. ixchel

    WILTW 9/13: Social Calls and Social Justice

    Hi, all! This week, I have learned hoarding can be a blessing. (I promise that actually is nursing related. ) Always, ALWAYS retain documentation you receive from your employer. Recreating a timeline of events in writing to describe an emotional situation can bring those emotions to the surface again, fiercely, even if a decent amount of time has passed. I'm so thankful to have LadyFree take over while some things in my world are getting sorted out. Woman, YOU ROCK!
  9. Hi, friends, Please forgive my absence. I've received a message from the lovely LadyFree, who I've happily handed the reins over to for a short while. Depending on how the next few weeks go, I may have a story to share that hopefully others can learn from. In the meantime.... Love to all of you!
  10. ixchel

    Lied to in Interview

    I have a feeling you and I are seeing eye to eye on this one.
  11. ixchel

    Lied to in Interview

    Unless a couple of people left around the same time and people are just talking about the one that stomped off. Or, maybe at the time of your interview they HAD given proper notice with the excuse you heard. You simply DON'T know.
  12. ixchel

    Lied to in Interview

    Just saw this. I'd jump ship, but only after completing hiring process.
  13. ixchel

    Lied to in Interview

    I get the frustration over getting called in, but I otherwise feel it is absolutely none of your business who you replaced or why/when they left. I'm not sure why an interviewer would mention it, and I'm not sure why you care about the gossip following them. Be better than this. It was one mistake phone call. And maybe your predecessor is a drama queen jerk. Do you.
  14. ixchel

    Epic electronic medical records

    My brain immediately went to hacker as well. What a suspicious post.
  15. ixchel

    A&P: Favorite topic? Least favorite topic?

    Ohhhhhh love kidneys!!!

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