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  1. ...and the fact that there are no jobs or demand for nurses? Is everyone brainwashed by the media?
  2. PinaColada

    Honest opinions needed

    Yep. All my engineer friends aren't harping the same tunes that unemployed nurses are.
  3. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    At least most of us aren't in denial any longer.
  4. PinaColada

    Life after nursing school:STUDENT LOANS

    Search "No nursing shortage" and you're going to feel a LOT better. My advice= apply your college credits elsewhere...toward a better degree. You'll be much happier with yourself.
  5. PinaColada

    new RN. no work :(

    My friends (BSN) in California cannot find a job either. Most RNs, that I know of, have been unemployed for a year or longer, and just to think- they're still pumping out a couple thousand new RNs EVERY year! Scary.
  6. PinaColada

    Just accepted into adn program! Should i accept or decline?

    Marco, your situation is a little better than others. However, since you do work at a hospital with tuition reimbursement and have the option to work at home, why not explore better arenas in health care? I know that my friends who went to physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy and physician assistant school are not crying the same tune as nurses. They're all making the "big bucks" and I totally envy them. I can give you an entire list of other careers to look into, that most people overlook since they have fallen into the trap of the media and believe that nursing is in demand. These fields are a little more niche and not nearly as saturated as nursing. It's something to think about. Part of me wants to scream at the top of my lungs and tell you to run the other way. I have a STRONG feeling about this. I feel that you would do MUCH better in another field. I realize it's scary to think outside of the box and I realize you have been conditioned to believe that nursing is a "great" job that is "in demand" and employers will always want you..."you can do anything", but it's a big, fat, lie. Nursing is no longer what it was before. It's SO far from that and with the current trend, things will only get worse. Really sit and think about this. I REALLY believe that you will be happier in a better field (such as the ones mentioned). I would hate to see you on here in a few years telling us "You were right, there's no nursing shortage". It's still a LOT of money and a lot of time, in your life, that you will never get back. Follow your heart. Part of me thinks your heart is trying to warn you and tell you otherwise. I'm glad I stopped to consider my intuition. I'm exploring my options outside of nursing as of recently.
  7. PinaColada

    Is there a nursing shortage or not?

    I have friends with their BSN in California. They cannot find a job either. I'm getting a LOT of the same answers across the country. Nursing sucks across the board and things look like they're getting worse by the day. I don't think nursing will improve anytime soon, if ever. I'm already exploring other options.
  8. PinaColada

    Good area of nursing for a male to work in?

    Any area that will actually hire you. The nursing field is way too saturated to pick and choose.
  9. PinaColada

    Just accepted into adn program! Should i accept or decline?

    Good Luck. How much debt will you be in when you finish the program? How will you survive in the meantime? You could move back home. I STRONGLY encourage you to look at the job market for RNs right now. I realize the acceptance letter IS very exciting. You are in your honeymoon period, such as I was. Nursing is SOOOO far from what the media makes it out to be.
  10. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    I'm sorry, but WHERE? I realize the recession has put a halt to many industries, but I have a few engineering friends and another one in Accounting. All of them were offered jobs in the last few months. Half of the jobs are NOT ideal, per se, but it's a lot better than what my BSN (RN) friends are going through. Many of my RN friends have been looking for work for a year or more. I find that unacceptable and just really don't feel like it has anything to do with it being less obvious. Why is it so hard to say this is just how the nursing field is? Everyone seems to use the recession as an excuse, but let's face it, part of it MUST have to do with nursing. I don't mean to be harsh, but I just want the straight facts. I don't want to hear any "hopeful" stories or have things sugar coated. Thanks for those who were so blunt.
  11. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    Thank you for the clarification and useful information. This makes a LOT of sense. Did you finish your Bachelors in Nursing?
  12. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    There is still time to stop and transfer your credits to a college that will count your nursing credits as free electives. You don't have to feel obligated to continue or limited to your degree. There is still time for change. :) Contact me if you would like to know more.
  13. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    Wrong place to be asking.
  14. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    Hi marco-Where did I say I lived in Cali?
  15. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    I respect your honesty merlee!
  16. PinaColada

    No nursing shortage or nursing jobs

    What's really scary is explaining the 1-2 year gaps in employment from the time you graduate nursing school.