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  1. John SPN

    Advanced Patho/Pharm

    Hello eveyone, I wanted to know if anybody knew of a quality, inexpensive school in which I could take one or two of the aforementioned classes in an attempt to prove my ability to handle NA coursework. The problem I am running into is that most programs require you to be an enrolled student prior to enrolling in these NURSING ONLY masters level classes. I would prefer it be in an online only format. I have checked out CSU Dominguez Hills and UMass Boston as of now. Does anyone have experience with these school (specifically the courses) and if doing both courses concurrently would be doable while working full time? Thank you for your time.
  2. John SPN

    Penn State Residency: Hershey Medical Center 2015

    I just applied as a RN, non-residency. I have 1 year experience at different level 2 trauma center step down.
  3. John SPN

    Penn State Residency: Hershey Medical Center 2015

    I start my new position with the Heart and Vascular Institute Critical Care Unit 11/3. Can't wait!
  4. John SPN

    How difficult is it to transition into CCU?

    Please don't take this the wrong way but you are putting the cart WAYYYY before the horse. You havent started an LPN program yet and you are sure that you want to be a CRNA. How do you know you want to be a CRNA? (And don't say the salary). Have you ever shadowed a CRNA? Been in an operating room?
  5. John SPN

    Need Some Reassurance Here.....

    I would highly recommend mnemonics. I relied heavily on them during my CPNE weekend to ensure that I did not miss anything during my assessment and, more importantly, charting.
  6. John SPN

    Excelsior-Caveat Emptor-Let The Buyer Beware

    Both myself and my wife completed Excelsior's LPN to RN program in about a year and for approximately $6000 each; both completing the CPNE on the first attempt. I am sorry that you could not complete the program but to make generalizations claiming that the program is akin to a profit obsessed degree mill is offensive to those who worked quite hard to complete their degrees.
  7. John SPN

    trauma and critical care

    You don't NEED to have a BSN to work in trauma/critical care.
  8. John SPN

    Best Experience to get into an ICU

    I am having trouble getting an interview for an ICU position, if I would, I would definitely work w/e shift and do whatever I had to to work there. I spoke with a couple of CRNAs and they unanimously said that working in the ED would be a better bet than working in a PCU. (I assumed it would be the other way around, but w/e)
  9. John SPN

    Best Experience to get into an ICU

    Yeah, I am not planning on applying to an anesthesia program with just having either PCU/ED experience. I am just looking to see what would be the best launching point for a career in critical care with an eventual transfer to an adult ICU. (P.S The ED is at a non-trauma center hospital) At this point, I am definitely leaning towards ED.
  10. John SPN

    Best Experience to get into an ICU

    Speaking of obvious, if your intent was to not be even remotely helpful, why even waste time posting a reply?
  11. John SPN

    Best Experience to get into an ICU

    SPN was the account I created when I was a Student Practical Nurse... since then I have earned my RN. My focus is on ICU with the intent to continue on to Anesthesia school. I worked as an LPN in Anesthesia for a year and loved every minute of it.
  12. John SPN

    Best Experience to get into an ICU

    I currently have a job offer for both a Surgical-Trauma PCU and the Emergency Department at my local hospital. I am not sure which unit an ICU Nurse Manager would view as "better" experience to have to get into an ICU. Please advise!
  13. I completed everything (including CPNE) it 8 months :)
  14. John SPN

    Excelsior LPN to ADN program length?

    I took my first exam in June of 2012 and finished my last exam by October 2012. Add 2 months for FCCA took me until the end of December to complete. Applied for the CPNE is early Jan 2013 and tested March 1-3 2013. Took my RN boards April 14 2013! So including waiting for the CPNE it took me 10 months, excluding the CPNE, 7 months.
  15. John SPN

    Passed LS3

    I too past LS3 today! On to the FCCA scheduled for Sept 1st start! Woo :)
  16. Hey everyone. Very happy to say that my Excelsior journey officially began today. I passed my Health and Safety Exam with an A! I used only the course outline provided by excelsior and Studygroup101 review. It actually came upon me as a surprise and I received my authorization to test from Pearson Friday night - Saturday morning and the only day available to take the test within the next 6 weeks was today! So with 2 days I reviewed the material and got the grade! Thanks for everyone's insight and experiences. Allnurses really is a wonderful resource for nurses everywhere.