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  1. Abby10

    Feel like I'm too dumb to be a nurse

    Oh honey, if she dropped all the way to 60% with a low blood pressure she's most likely septic and has multiple systems involved. A PO antibiotic an hour or two earlier was not going to change it, maybe a day before. Could you have called the doctor with the result, yes, could you have checked her sat when you have her the med, yes. Would it likely have changed her going to the hospital no, at least when you sent her in they knew why. Live and learn.
  2. Abby10

    Possible move to Colorado current outlook

    My reason for wanting CHCO is that from what the older nurses that I work with in a second job (home care) are telling me is that they got the best training from ones that are well rated or University hospitals. And my current hospital has well piss poor education that you have to beg borrow and steal to get the nights around it off to go to. Do you have any idea on the educational/classes that different put new hires through?
  3. Abby10

    Possible move to Colorado current outlook

    Thanks for that reassurance. I'm also looking for an idea of pay, can you give me a starting amount and what a night differential would typically be. Thanks!!!
  4. Abby10

    Oxygen administration with COPD patients

    We had the best masks they were oxymask, open ones so that you could run 1-10L in them and not worry about CO2 retaining because it was just a bit of plastic and a bunch of wholes. And besides the need to have a safe delivery method if a COPDer need it they need it. Just remember O2 is a drug and one of the rights really should be right delivery method for the dose. And just watch if they are mouth breathing just slipping the NC in their mouth for a couple minutes to get them up tends to work.
  5. Hey all I am thinking about trying to move to Denver or Colorado Springs for Children's Hospital NICU and their branch in Colorado Springs. I was wondering how hiring is going, staffing and pay. About me I worked 3.5 yrs in adult cardiac before transferring to NICU am currently working Level II but in a level 4 hospital. Any advice would be great, thanks!
  6. Abby10

    Quest for more cash, what are my options as an RN?

    Find out if there is a location near you that needs specimens for fecal transplants, they pay!
  7. Abby10

    Answering Navy Nurse Recruiting Questions

    So I am thinking about joining the military for many reasons 1 I live in a town that is hard to get movement in the hospital-extra training 2 some of the best nurses I have worked with were military 3 I want to eventually get my masters and would be willing to do it via the military program and then work for the military after. 4 I want to travel and I'm ok doing it in little burst here and there based on assignments. About me I'm 26 and single have been a nurse for 4.5 year 3.5 years a telly nurse then the last 1 as NICU. I do have my PCCN but that will need to be renewed in September and I don't have the hours. I'm ok with doing any kind of nursing as long as I can eventually do some L&D, but med surg for a time would be fine. I graduated with my BSN and magna cum laude. I do need to get into shape which I am going to start swimming more and then get a trainer when the summer end (when I have less week long commitments with church). SO now the question what is the current spots looking like for becoming a Navy nurse (or Air Force-second choice) and how soon should I start talking to a recruiter? There's none in my area the closest is 6 hrs away, I will be there in June and am thinking that taking a friend to a least be a second set of ears would be good but how would that look? And I'm really thinking that I would be about a year from joining but how do the spots workout?