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  1. Always make an attempt to go to work. Or if you know ahead of time make arrangements. it’s not fair to your coworkers who made it in or who made arrangements. Seriously, it’s very frowned upon to miss work because of the weather, especially if you know it’s going to happen.
  2. I’m a seasoned nurse with a lot of years of experience. I work hard to take care of my patients and their basic needs, and then some. But what is up with these newer grads, like in their younger 20’s? The ones who started 2019-2020, bc something is way different. We’re all wondering what it is. They expect the charge nurses and other nurses to do their tasks/work for them and I’ve seen some actually whine, roll their eyes, etc. when they don’t get their way or they’re a little bit busy. It’s really starting to aggravate those of us over the age of 30, especially because if they don’t get their way they go to the manager and say “so and so didn’t help me enough” or “so and so wasn’t available and I couldn’t find them for an hour.” I think it’s time I leave the hospital, to be honest. They are also incredibly hard to train. They don’t listen, get offended if you try to explain to them why something didn’t go well, or go complain to the manager. Our management is tired of it too. Is it the same personalities? Are they really that easily offended? Someone ELI5. Thanx. Don’t believe this is an issue? Just wait for the responses! LOL!
  3. sofla98

    Possible move to Colorado current outlook

    I am also in the process of moving to Colorado. We went there in April and FELL IN LOVE! We are so tired of where we live now and we want to do it while we are still young enough to enjoy all Colorado and the surrounding states have to offer! My RN license is under "final review" so I have started to look for jobs. I currently work at one of the top children's hospitals and honestly I am not really sure what I want to do now. I have 16 years experience (peds, ICU/CV, tele, medsurg, ortho, etc.) my BSN and I make a nice wage where I am at. But we're ready for new adventures out west! My main concern is the cost of rent/real estate out there! It's CRAZY how high the cost is versus where I live now. We are looking in the Pueblo West and Colorado Springs areas for a house/apt to rent until we get acclimated, but rent for a decent 2BR apartment is over $1000/mo and homes rent for $1300 on up. Looking to buy? A halfway decent 3BR home starts at $250k! Anyone know why that is and does the pay in Colorado help even things out? That's my ONLY worry...TIA!!
  4. sofla98

    Colorado Nursing License

    Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from the Colorado BON? I applied last week for my license by endorsement, spent the $30 for NURSYS to validate my current and active license, etc. and haven't heard a peep! I logged in and it just says "online applications....received" that's it. I applied for both a temp and perm CO license because we are moving out there soon. I'm hesitant to spend the time applying for positions without the temp license at least. TIA!! SoFla
  5. sofla98

    co worker sharing her concerns

    I would just jot what happened down while you can remember it clearly, then let it go. BUT, don't forget it, especially if you know who the tattler was. Goodness do I dislike a tattle tale. Our unit has a few but one in particular that is THE WORST TT I've EVER encountered!
  6. sofla98

    Are these things still taught in nursing school?

    I know what you mean. We had a test that included like 15 or so questions about ABG's!! THAT is one skill most nurses need to know and be able to interpret quickly!! I often ask my fellow seasoned nurses if they teach students how to give a bath, make a bed, take a set of vitals, clean up after themselves and (especially) incontinence/diaper care or if they are only taught how to delegate those tasks to the PCA?? Things certainly have changed a lot over the years. I know we had tests on proper hand washing (we were watched in the BR and graded!), how to make a bed, give a proper bed bath, etc. Seems the noobs just want to delegate these things to the overworked PCA's while they sit, rather than ever do them themselves!!
  7. sofla98

    Applying For RN Jobs In A Different State...

    Thank you for your input. This is a big decision but an adventure. We are excited to be starting a new chapter but I am very hesitant to move without having a job or a legit offer in hand. As far as an interview goes, I could fly out. For the right one, lol...
  8. We have to move. Long story short, we've decided to move across the country. We prefer to move out west but haven't decided exactly where yet. We've got it narrowed down to Oregon, Colorado, California and possibly even Texas. My question is this...If I come across a job posting that I feel I am a good fit for and apply, will the nurse recruiters/HR even look at me if I do not yet have a license in that state? Nursing licenses are $$$ and I don't want to go through all that work and money and not end up finding a decent job. My current RN license is active and unencumbered. I have my BSN, over 16 years experience at the bedside and I currently work for a nationally ranked facility. I've never faced any disciplinary action and have great references, solid work history, etc. I'd like to have a job lined up before we move. I have considered making the "big move" easier by taking a travel assignment, but that scares the snot out of me, lol. I cannot imagine getting pulled every day (or even 2-3 times a shift!), getting the heaviest assignments, etc. I've done quite a bit of research and while a travel position would make the transition easier, it just doesn't appeal to me. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!!
  9. sofla98

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    You're not alone! I cannot fathom ANY situation when it is NOT OK to do a full assessment, regardless of how busy you are, patient load, etc. People need to learn to multitask and manage their time better. I can do 2 or 3 things and knock it off my list when I need to. Not assessing patients but charting you did?? That is fraud and dangerous practice. It's not even bad practice, it is just BAD!!!
  10. sofla98

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    Speak for yourself! I do a FULL head to toe assessment Q 4 Hours, every time I work on EVERY patient. And I work on a very busy unit with alarms blaring, vents going off every 5 seconds, someone needing something, etc. Skipping out on BASIC nursing skills is ridiculous and there is NO excuse for it. Sounds like the OP's friend received extremely poor care and if it was me or mine? I would complain to the board of health and the Joint, whom ever would listen to my concerns...JMHO.
  11. sofla98

    Bullied nurse. I quit. :(

    Jealous women are jealous. Nursing is 99% women. I wish it were 99% men...Would definitely make things easier and there probably would be WAY less bullying in nursing, lol! No one bullies me, I give it right back the second they even TRY. Be confident but not so confident that you make Flo Nightingale look bad, help people when YOU are NOT busy, and ask for regular feedback from your next preceptor. If you end up with a nasty preceptor, ask for a new one. Be assertive but don't be an asz. You get what I am laying down here? I hope so because in my experience when you help out, ask for constructive feedback, don't complain, and show confidence in your skills? You do all right. Complainers and whiners are always picked on and everyone talks about everyone else because nursing is 99% WOMEN. If someone has an issue with me? I let it roll off my back and prove 'em wrong. I don't say anything about anyone I wouldn't say to their face and I do try to stay out of the general gossip. I always stay away from those Gossipy Gossiper Girls as MUCH as humanly possible! You know the Cliques, The Mean Girls, etc. EVERY unit has them...just steer clear and do your job well and don't give anyone anything to complain about and you'll be JUST FINE!
  12. sofla98

    MEN, dont come into nursing

    Why is this OP/Thread ONLY worried about MEN in nursing?? Seems like a VERY bitter and whiny OP. Get over it, put your big boy pants on and suck it up. Otherwise, quit and give your job to someone who CAN do it WITHOUT crying like a little girl, like a WOMAN. Thanks.
  13. sofla98

    Coworker forged my signature...

    Nurse Nutcase never got in trouble and actually was able to trade off all her holidays with other, newer, nurses. Actually, Nurse Nutcase got called to the Principals Office today, lol! She made sure EVERYONE knew about it, too. I heard her complaining to another nurse about the manager talking to her because she refused to do something and told the person who asked "you can do it, can't you?" So, I fired off an email to the manager because 1. I don't like her and 2. It is SO UNPROFESSIONAL to LOUDLY complain when you get called out on something! I am SO not a tattler, at all. If I have an issue with you, I come to you with it. I'll even do that 2 or 3 times. However, this chic? HECK no. She is THE WORST nurse I have ever seen and she flat out LIES when ever it benefits her. She is a true sociopath, that I am sure of and I have been steering clear of her for a while now. She NEVER watches my patients when I go to lunch and I just ignore her, which isn't hard because she is usually on her phone, online, etc. I have wondered if she is related to someone there...I cannot see how else she has gotten away with what she has! I was nearly FIRED over heresy, a total pack of lies and because a new PCA told a family I was "hurting" a patient when I was starting an IV. I wasn't hurting that patient, I have NEVER been accused of such nonsense and I am a GREAT nurse. I know that about myself and my respectable co-workers know that too. How this crazy-dead eyed nut job gets away with **** poor patient care, lying, manipulating situations, foraging signatures, putting in doctor orders on patients that aren't hers without EVER even talking to the doctor, and being on her cell phone/internet all day is beyond me... But, let's threaten to fire one of the best nurses on the unit! That makes a TON of sense! Lol...
  14. sofla98

    What is the proper way to address an RN?

    Umm, nurse? For my patients, I always make sure they know my name so they call me Sofla.
  15. Not all hospitals are the same about consents...In my hospital, EVERY consent is signed by the doctor and family with the nurse or someone else witnessing. But, I work in peds.
  16. I AGREE!!! I would've filled out and sent an incident report before I left for the day...If I cannot reach a doctor after calling and calling and even trying to contact other physicians? Incident report it is!