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  1. Hi, I'll be taking the final capstone course for my BSN the following summer. The course requires 50 clinical hours in a practice setting. Can someone elaborate what this entails? The university had us find a preceptor where we both work on a population-focused project and 50 hours of it has to be at the facility where the preceptor works. Has anyone gone to Eastern Michigan University and completed their BSN there? If so, what was the capstone like? Was it one big paper or multiple journal entries? What will we be doing when we are with our preceptor? I thinking of doing the project on nurse burnout, patient falls, or pharmacological vs. nonpharmacological pain management. Thank you for any and all input.
  2. ren09

    Kaplan Integrated Test

    Does anyone have any tips on how to score well on the kaplan med-surg tests? I took the first one and I did horrible like 55%. My percentile was like 44 Is there anyway for me to study? I have the kaplan review book, saunders nclex book, a nclex-mastery app. I really need to do well on the med-surg test. Any pointers would be grateful. I do well in class but some of these tests cover material we haven't even touched on I just dont know what to do anymore.
  3. ren09

    CNA License

    Hello, I took my CNA state test November 18th and I passed :) Well, its been about 3 weeks and I haven't received the actual physical license card yet. All I got was a paper that said Nurse Aid Registry Document and a small card-like paper that said the same thing. Not sure if that's my license or just a card saying I'm on the registry? And I when I got to Prometric and enter in my number its telling me to call an representative. I'm in Michigan and I'm not sure if I need to wait a awhile longer or something went wrong? Or should I call the testing site? I'm just curious if I even get a license or just my name on the registry? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks:)
  4. ren09

    Wheelchair skill, etc

    I'm wondering for the CNA skills state test what they have you do for the wheelchair skill. I mean I'm small and weak lol how would I be able to pivot someone if I can't lift them, I understand than this would be a two person lift in real life but I don't want to fail the test because I can't lift/pivot someone . Does any one else have an idea how this works? Also, after you complete the hand washing skill you only have to announce you are washing your hands for each skill rather than actually preforming the skill before and after each procedures, right?
  5. ren09

    How hard is the CNA skills test?

    I was wondering how hard the CNA skills portion of the test is? How long do you get to do each skill? What the minimum before they fail you? 80%? I'm in Michigan and I'm aware there's five things we are tested on; hand washing, indirect care plus three other procedures. Any tips or advice on how to pass? I'm so nervous I feel like I have everything down quite well but I feel like I'll miss something like lowering the bed. Also I understand that you must knock on the door before you enter and introduce your self and greet the resident, however does the resident or the evaluator tell you the name of actor/resident or do you have to ask yourself. Because in a real life situation the name would either be on the chart, outside their door, or on their arm band or would actually have to ask the person's name . I'm just wondering how that works for the test. Anyway thanks for any and all advice, tip, etc :)
  6. This is just a sample exercise not a real person so here's the scenario: Tim is a 30yo businessman who was diagnosed with Crohn's dz over ten years ago; otherwise, he's a healthy guy. He's been free of flare-ups for the past couple of years, but a recent business trip to Thailand (stress, new foods) may have been the trigger for his most recent flare-up, a particularly bad one which put him in your hospital and ultimately resulted in resectioning of his jejunum. Tim was NPO for 3d prior to surgery and 9d post-op; clearly an oversight (oops!) as a result of his being transferred from unit to unit in an effort to clear beds and match changes in staffing patterns as a result of the widespread flu-related shortages. He's had some D10W here and there, but that's it. During your first examination he's developed a fistula in his lower abdomen. It's determined that the fistula originates in his medial jejunum. He is put on total parental nutrition. Answer the following please He's been NPO for 13 days 1. Should we put him on D25A8 @ 125mL/h. Any suggestions? 2. What do you think about placing the TPN catheter so the formula exits into his median cubital vein?[h=1][/h][COLOR=#333333]Just a little confused is D25A8 too much solution and do you think 125ml/h is too quick of a rate in which this solution is being put into the patient. [COLOR=#333333]For the TPN catheter I feel like there's a better alternative solution than using the median cubital vein because its so small compared to say the cephalic vein. [COLOR=#333333]Any suggestions is helpful and appreciated thank you :)

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