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  1. if my memory serves me right we had our re-medical, dated December 28, and our visa arrived most probably 1st wk of january..then we had our PDOS jan 13..

    supposedly our date of departure was january 20,that's the tentative date they given to us, but for some other reasons it became feb 10..

    i also heard that there's 12 visas or 12 person listed on what they called "the list" that arrived, but not so sure about that, better call the agency for clear updates.

  2. hey guys! i have heard from my friend that one of those applicants who passed and qualified for al kharj and who's still waiting for her visa was called by arjoys and offered her a polyclinic hospital instead of al kharj? have u heard news like this also? or have u been called too?

    i really hope this is not true! :cry::crying2: we waited too long..i hope arjoys won't do that to us! :(

    please do share any news or recent infos u heard or received from arjoys..thanks..

    hmm, i heard they're looking for nurses who has an experience working in ICU or OR department, also for Al Kharj Military Hospital. but im not sure about that polyclinic offer., well for me that's a very upsetting news, to think that she's been waiting for a year now and they will just give her an offer as a clinic nurse, but we still don't know,maybe the agency's just giving her an option.

  3. do you have any idea about the remaining nurses without visa?

    i haven't been to the agency since we had our PDOS. but i remember when i was there, 3 visas came out, and as far as i know there are only less than 20 nurses who are still waiting for their visas..let's just hope and pray that it will be your visa next time..

  4. wow..that's 2 weeks from now clarken03, have a safe trip! goodluck & godbless!:)

    thank you langlang, we'll see you there and we'll keep you posted as to what is happening with us there.. good luck to all of you too andgod bless also!!

  5. mangobravo i will text you the lists of the things that you need to bring. maybe tomorrow., anyway that list was given by our co nurses who are already there and very kind to update us on what we should bring and what to expect..kudos to them!!

  6. Hi everyone... just this morning, arjoys agency called me and inform that i already have my visa... so to all applicants that are still waiting for their visa please don't lose hope keep on Praying and I believe that one day it will be your turn..Goodluck to us all... Godspeed!

    they did text me also, but just to inform me that i'm on the list..and that i need to be done with my medical on the 2nd wik of december, but when i ask "her" if i already have a visa.,she just told me that its easy to get a visa since im already on the list.so now im really confused

  7. arjoys called me up just right now, and telling me to give the half of the placement fee on monday, they told me that I have already a visa and when I asked them how many visas are ready right now, they didn't told me the exact number but, rather they said that they had only few visas and dont have to tell others about it. I'm just wondering why they have to keep it a secret to others? Is there any1 out there, just like my situation? because 30,000 is also a big amount... I just want to be sure...

    too bad were not included AGAIN..tsk, tsk..maybe they keep it a secret so that no one will call and ask them a lot of questions, but still, they should be transparent to all the applicants. we also have the right to know the status of our application. congrats 2 u kate, goodluck!!

  8. thank you 4 everyone who shared infos, it's really a big help for someone who's anxious, and no idea of what to do next, including me :D..btw kiara, when did you took your medical?? are we all leaving this june 27 or just you and your batch?? thank you and god bless!!

  9. clarken, it's good to know that you got the results of your medical and your medically fit.

    just want to ask if the agency is the one who informed you or the clinic? thanks...:)

    nope, i went to bartolome clinic to give my dental cert, but the guy in the ff up office, i think it's in the 5th flr, he told me that they don't need it, and that i'm already fit to work.,he just write "FIT" on my form., and that i should inform my agency, but i think they already informed and give the list to the agency. because some of the applicants who have a problem was already called by arjoys.

  10. to clarken and mickey: when did you have your medical? are the results readily available? how was your medical? thanks guys... just don't lose hope..

    just yesterday, don't know when the results will be available, my medical was fine, how about yours?? and do you know what will be the next step??coz i really don't have any idea.

  11. hello everyone.. just this morning, i have received a text message and a call from the agency informing me to make sure i have completely submitted my documents since the medical process can push through this coming week. I have confirmed the agency that i have passed all my authenticated documents. They have informed me that anytime next week will be my medical already. I am hoping that the information relayed to me are true.. looking forward for any call to confirm the exact date that i have to undergo my medical.. i hope i got to hear same comments from you guys..

    w0w, that's good news, but i haven't receive any txt or call from them, does it mean im not included with the batch who will undergo medical this week if ever..hmmm, is there anyone here who also informed by the agency??thank you, g0d bless all

  12. hi to all!! i have a great news to u all.. don't know if the agency told u guys already. Just wanna share with you.. Since my aunt is working in Al Kharj, as ICU head nurse, she was deeply concerned on our situation with the agency. She personally talked to the medical director of the hospital, (who is not breaking his words, as far as they know him, according to my aunt) they have the visa ready for us.. they are just waiting for the agency to send all our documents (authenticated ones) so they can release the visa.. They are implementing this policy because of some errands they had last year, for those who were given the visa then backed out the last minute... So guys, what the agency is saying is true, they really need our documents for the release of our visa... that is the reason too, i passed my documents today. My aunt said, after a month that the agency send our docu, we will already have our visa. The medical director, did assure that to her... I am not saying this to encourage you all to pass your documents... but at least somehow, to help you decide... it might be worth it, though.... :o

    wow, that's gud news, thanks a lot to you mickey.