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  1. emsboss

    Tax breaks for travel Nursing.

    Looking at returning to Travel Nursing. Been in Alaska for almost 8 yrs. My question is; Can you claim travel expenses, vehicle depreciation/maintenance for tax deductions? I plan on travelling in my truck and camper. Thanx for input.
  2. emsboss

    Using Smart Phones on Your Unit

    I have and use an Iphone with multiple programs that come in very handy... My DON asked me about it one day(we also have a policy regarding the use of cell-phones) and she ended up with several "apps" as did I. Sharing technology can be benificial to patients. Now, that being said... I am not allowed to text or surf the 'net at work (facebook is VERBOTTEN!!!)
  3. emsboss

    Seriously, WHO does this?

    As a Supervisor, I agree that you have been "played"... I fully agree with gymnut... Be very careful around this one...
  4. emsboss

    I am so glad I work night shift

    To me there is no better shift... Been doing them for 25 years... Or so...:lol2::D
  5. emsboss

    Would you lose benifits to get into OB-GYN?

  6. It does teach things from a PATIENTs point of view... Not only did we bathe one another in our class, we also fed each other and brushed each others teeth... I learned a LOT from that day... The one learning that day, I believe now, was NOT the one giving the bath, it was the one recieving...
  7. emsboss

    Anyone got any good nurse/doc/hospital/enema jokes?

    How do you make a surgeon taller... Give him Viagra...
  8. When I told my Dad I wanted to be a Nurse, he asked "What!!! Are you GAY!!!" No... Just want to help folks a little...
  9. emsboss

    What did you do before you were a nurse?

    While in HS worked in the hay-fields, took my first EMT test literally on my 18th birthday and passed it. Went to Paramedic school, obtained Paramedic certification, joined the Army, spent ten years as a Combat Medic, (coming home every two years to re-cert) got out, worked as a hospital-based 'Medic for about 5. Went into Administration as Director of E.M.S. for a small hospital for another 5 years. I got into an argument over patient care with an E.D. Nurse who told me "you are JUST a Paramedic, that is all you will ever be, you are not smart enough to be a R.N.":eek:, well... Emsboss, R.N. at your service...
  10. emsboss

    Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs

    "Cover me, I'm goin' in!" should NEVER go out of style...
  11. emsboss

    Minor's right to refuse

    I agree with this statement... This seems the best way to remain diplomatic:idea:
  12. Absolutely NOT!!!!... I am a male Nurse, but as has already been said, we ALL need to stand up for ourselves. If we make a mistake, own up to it, if the physician still wants to yell, have him/her go someplace private and do it. My worst experience was with a female physician; she told me she "would have my job" and I told her "you couldn't do my job." Disciplinary action followed shortly thereafter(for my response), BUT... I still work here and she and I get along fairly well now.
  13. emsboss

    From here to there...

    Thanx for your reply... I worked at St. Joes before they sold to HCA and left before Signature, so, am not sure of staffing ratios or anything like that, but, thanx again for the feedback.
  14. emsboss

    From here to there...

    OK... Here it is in a nutshell... I live in Alaska and work in a smaller sized facility...
  15. emsboss

    Someone signing "RN" when they are not

    Just hang her...
  16. emsboss

    Plane Tree Model

    I have to agree with caroladybelle... I will not say more as I am known by administration to be on this board...

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