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Clinical exp in OB, psy, med-surg, peds
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RNKay31 specializes in Clinical exp in OB, psy, med-surg, peds.

Beware of the toes you step on today.you might be kissing their behind tomorrow.

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  1. RNKay31

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    Try vipramed, wishing you all the very best!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. RNKay31

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    my heart goes out to that child, I am with tears right now, I could not of handle that, cheers to you
  3. RNKay31

    Heres what I studied and my advice

  4. RNKay31


  5. RNKay31

    advice anyone

    wishing you the very best
  6. RNKay31

    can a CNA get a visa petition?

    Wait until you become an RN, but be sure to remain in status, all the best
  7. RNKay31

    Working with student visa

    Thanks , I appreciate that, take care
  8. RNKay31

    Baby Doe

    That story is amazing, makes me want to cry
  9. RNKay31

    Working with student visa

    thanks, Suzanne, I thought people on F1, only has 1 year opt, and he is working for more than one year now, so I think he is putting himself in hot water, but when he apply for gren card after nclex, how will they get to know that he had been working, thanks
  10. RNKay31

    Working with student visa

    Suzanne, should that 20 hours per week has to be on campus or out of campus, far as I know he had an EAD for 6 months in july of 2006, and I see he is still working for the same nursing , am just curious
  11. RNKay31

    Nebraska Service Center Tracker for I-140

  12. RNKay31

    Working with student visa

    Hi Suzanne, my husband has a friend that came over on a student visa, and he has been working in a nursing home as a CNA from since July of 2006, he will finish nursing school in December, is he going to have any problem for working like that, he has been working every friday, saturday and sunday evenings, 24hrs per week, will he has any problem when he apply for green card after, thanks
  13. RNKay31

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    And that is really good:yeah::yeah:
  14. RNKay31

    Priority date 2006?

    Your priority date is on the receipt, all the best
  15. RNKay31

    Visa Bulletin March 2008

    Congrats to the ones who will be hearing soon, that's a great jump in PD, hoping the best for all, once again congrats, and happy valentine's day to all:yeah:
  16. RNKay31

    Immigration medical

    Thanks Suzanne, you are a blessing