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  1. I think Kaplan is great but it's not for everyone. The question style is similar to NCLEX but it doesn't give you much info on content. In order to utilize Kaplan effectively, you would have to build the core of your brain which is all knowledge. Kaplan teaches how to tackle a question but then again, if you read the rationales, you are also learning content. I'm not sure how you read 2 entire nclex books in the span of 1 month & and half (Kudos to you!). I think for the 2nd time around, you don't need to do that. Focus more on what you need to learn as opposed to how much you're learning. I honestly did not really use a content book because I took it right after graduation & I felt like Kaplan was good enough for me. I just focused on the questions/rationales and then opened up any content book I had and only studied the section I needed to brush up on (I probably read a total of 20 pages worth of content). It's not necessary to read the whole book unless you've been out of school for some time. You've made it this far to take the NCLEX... Finishing nursing school is a big accomplishment but you're next goal is to destroy the NCLEX and I believe you can do that the 2nd time around! BTW, I only scored in the 60s for my question trainers and the Qbank which I think is good.
  2. prime11214

    NCLEX friday

    Only positive thoughts from here on out & tell yourself that you WILL pass the exam. Any negative thoughts will only hinder your potential to pass the exam. When you're doing questions, try to take deep breaths as much as you feel like you need to. When you see SATAs, don't freak out (everyone does) and just pick whatever answer you think is best. Make sure you're really reading it and do your best to answer it correctly. SATAs are challenging but you can get it right if you are careful. Make sure you have ample time to do the test too! Good luck to you!!
  3. prime11214

    Kaplan Scores and NCLEX 2014

    Wow, your scores are very similar to mine! I scored in the 60s for all my question trainers and averaged about the same as you for the QBANK. My average is skewed because I redid some of the ones I got wrong so it's higher now than it was when I competed all the questions. There is an alternate item format in Kaplan that allows you to practice SATAs, I believe they have 30 questions! By test day, I did feel like I knew enough but not everything. I felt confident and nervous at the same time! Sure enough, I passed!
  4. prime11214

    Got the Dreaded "On Hold" Popup...

    I agree with RNsRWe about not reading into it. People have holds because either they finish the test too fast, they are taking frequent breaks, their fingerprinting/palm scan didn't work, they forgot to sign something after the exam.. the list goes on!
  5. prime11214

    Got the Dreaded "On Hold" Popup...

    I was checking every 4-6 hours to see if the hold pop up would change. The hold never changed every time I did check it. Approximately 48 hours later, I saw the link for the Quick Results! I then did the PearsonVue trick again & the pop up changed to the "good" pop up !!!! After that I paid and... Pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing that gave me a phenomenal feeling :)!! THANK GOODNESS I didn't have to wait longer than 2 days to fight out. I think it varies with individuals when it comes to holds because it's for different reasons. I understand the waiting period is terrible but that's all you can do. Patience is a virtue!!! Just keep in mind that whatever happened, you really can't change the outcome. Take some deep breathes and do something relaxing, you deserve it!
  6. prime11214

    Got the Dreaded "On Hold" Popup...

    I got that pop up too a few days ago. That pop up is the worst because it can go both ways! When I first got that pop up, I came on here searching for answers as to what it can mean. As for me, the hold eventually turned out to be a good pop up in just 2 days. It changed the day I got my quick results which I definitely paid for. The wait is excruciatingly painful but the only thing you CAN do is wait.... After I took my exam, I was sure that I had failed too. It's easier said than done, but you really should do something to get your mind away from the unknown results. I'll cross my fingers for you!!
  7. I'm very disappointed in myself.. For one I'm not putting as much time as I should in my nursing classes. I'm not doing good in ANY of my classes. So far I'm just passing all the exams (77+). It hurts a little to hear other people getting 90s when I feel like I should be doing the same! My average is 80 which is NOT GOOD at all compared to others and also compared to what I used to get "back then." I want to go to grad school after I finish nursing school but now I kind of doubt that I can get into one.... please don't say good enough IS good because it's not.... trust me. I'm surrounded by people who study their butts off.
  8. prime11214

    Teacher isn't responding to my e-mails?!

    FINALLY !! He changed my grade ... he is a busy guy but it would've eased my mind if he sent an email telling me he would fix my grade -_-....... NOW i regret not fighting for one of my other grades from last semester trying does lead to good outcomes
  9. I received a low grade for my summer class and I had no clue how... I assumed I bombed the last paper miserably (30% of our total grade) so I sent an email to my teacher asking her what I had gotten on that paper. She DID reply back and told me I had gotten an A- and then she says she is missing an assignment from me which is NOT true because I still have every paper I passed in with a grade on it. So I emailed her back with a scanned copy of the grade (just the one page that has the grade on it with comments that included my name as well). She has not responded and it's been 4 days!! She responded to my other emails within a day!!!! Grades already closed but it would be extremely unfair if she can't change the final grade because I'm pretty sure she mistakenly forgot to mark down the grade she gave me for my paper. I sent her another email yesterday and still no response . I don't know what to do now I don't want to annoy her with another email.....
  10. prime11214

    Nursing student-need advice please!

    If I was in your situation I would do it . And an extra 6 months is not bad trust me! Some people wait years to get accepted into an ADN program....
  11. I've never seen all white scrubs
  12. Navy blue pants/light blue v-neck with the school logo on the sleeve/white shoes. We also have the option of wearing a navy blue skirt if you can't wear pants! but I've never seen what the skirts looked like and I doubt that they are mini skirts.. I also only ordered the outfit since the shoes was just fugly .
  13. I'm not joking lol. We ordered ours from this company and it's really cute!! I would not want my uniform to be any different. I'm guessing yours was "fugly?"
  14. For my school you have to wear uniforms when you start clinical. I've seen other uniforms from other schools around my area and I think mine is the sexiest of them all!!!
  15. prime11214

    Which is better, a B- or a W?

    I seriously suck at life... I ended up with a B. I didn't try my hardest ...... I just can't. I'm young and I can't help but have fun too but now I'm kinda down because I did "ok" in all of my classes!!!!!!! If I keep up with this, I seriously don't know how I'm going to make it through nursing school. I'm really really really really really really disappointed in myself . But this is a WAKE UP CALL FOR ME. I need to STAY FOCUSED AND STOP PROCRASTINATING when next semester starts.
  16. I sent an email one month ago asking if I would be ready to take clinical starting Fall 2011. He ASKED ME TO EMAIL HIM SOME PAPERWORK regarding just one class (since I'm only one class away from taking clinical). He also said he would email me back as soon as possible with his final decision.One month later................ ................... Nothing........ I think he forgot about my email so should I wait it out a little longer or should I send him another email? I don't want my annoyance to affect the decision; that's why I've been against sending him another email. but if I don't..... I probably can't take clinical because he never got the paperwork!