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  1. Iron Wood State Prison

    Who got hired??? lol:)
  2. To all the new grads and soon to be new grads

    lol:) every floor has their own drama!
  3. Apply for CNA job and work your way up!!! Good Luck :)
  4. You're right, it is not going to get better, if you see the same lazy,lousy and with dirty tactics co-workers. Every floor has their own drama, it is not gonna get better unless you take charge of the floor lol:)Get your year or two experience and wo...
  5. Called several hospitals today

    Dang, where you at? lol:) Anyways, y'all hirin
  6. May 2009 OLD grad, called 17 hospitals today...

    lol:) yeah that question too. but, you will lose your license if you don't take your CE and broke to pay the re-licensure. no wonder why RN's are miserable, nobody is hiring new grads! anyways, good luck y'all.
  7. Sharp Summer 2011 New Grad Program

    is it really hard to get a job as an RN??? dang, i was searchin for nursing school in san diego, there were about 4-5 nursing schools. time for plan B! good luck y'all.
  8. RN Refresher Course-CSUSM or UCSD??

    are you working as an RN now 2011??? or you gave up and used your plan B??? thanks :)
  9. May 2009 OLD grad, called 17 hospitals today...

    are you guys and gals still RNs???
  10. Officially an "Old Grad"....Now what?

    sa march 11 new grad application for Rady children's hospital in san diego starts. try mo website nila. put in appy. good luck:)
  11. Officially an "Old Grad"....Now what?

    yup, too many nurses, no one wants to train. chillceb that join the military input was for the sdsu bsn grad :) why cant you join chillceb?
  12. Scripps Healthcare New Grad Program 2011

    ok sarahLT, good luck! HR must be bored posting all the open positions without hirin!
  13. Any Ironwood or Chuckawalla nurses here?

    hey riverguy, did you get the job in blythe prisons???
  14. Officially an "Old Grad"....Now what?

    Join the Military!
  15. Scripps Healthcare New Grad Program 2011

    how long you RNs been looking for a job???
  16. Just wondering, because CA Prison Healthcare gave me a sequence number and put me on the list.:)
  17. Upcoming Richard (RJ) Donovan Interview in San Diego

    Did you get the job?
  18. Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    did anyone get multiple interviews in the same place before getting hired???