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  1. missna4u

    Officially tired and worn out from studying Nclex RN

  2. missna4u

    UWORLD?, NCLEX in a few days

    Did you pass, Jamielynn??
  3. missna4u

    Nursing in Netherlands!

    Hi there, did you find anything in your search?
  4. missna4u

    Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency August 2014

    I also got an email yesterday. I didn't speak to anyone. I'm hoping their system is better because I'm travelling from Florida.
  5. missna4u

    A Word to New Nurses

    Thank you! I needed this
  6. missna4u

    Why are Nurses paid so low in the south ??

    South Florida is pretty rough. The cost of living is high and I hear the pay doesn't really match. Housing here is expensive
  7. missna4u

    New Student, Not Sure Which Route to go?!?!

    Well I know CMC and Presby(Charlotte and surrounding areas) hires LPN. At CMC, they're called clinical assistants.
  8. missna4u

    TEAS V Questions

    I did
  9. missna4u

    TEAS V Questions

    Thanks for posting the link Mr.Sensitivity
  10. We all have one goal in mind: we're all trying to get our RN license, not a position in the corner office with surrounding windows and a great view. Nope, just a bunch of newbies trying to get into the nursing world. So please....stop the back stabbing and petty bs. :hlk:It's not a race, don't you think we should encourage each other to do our best? Just because you're good at one thing doesn't mean you'll be good at another. You may very well need me to help you turn that 400 lb patient when we start clinicals. Never undermind people and think you crap don't stink too. It's serious....no, sorry, no it's not that serious! This is........:dancgrp:(Don't mind the cartoons, my son's obsession has rubbed off)
  11. missna4u

    ADN class of 2013

    Hey all! It's nice to know that I'm not alone on this journey. I'm blessed to be apart of an awesome group. I started the ASN program Oct. 13th and we'll be starting clinicals at the end of Jan. I'm scared, excited and ready! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!
  12. missna4u

    Should we consider Charlotte?

    Well my problem with the daycare was the hours. There are PLENTY of good places for the kids to go to. The hospital here in Miami that I worked for, the hours were from 7p-7:21. CMC and I think Presbyterian starts at 6:38-45 to 7:08-15 or something like that can't remember exactly. I'm a single mother with two kids and it was hard because unlike south florida, charlotte actually has daycares that open late for crazy hours, but I didn't really care for my kids to be at a school and then a daycare for 12.5 hours. That was my only problem. I would go back in a heartbeat. MsDiva, if that's where you wanna be, just keep applying for jobs at the hospitals. All(or the majority)of the doctor offices are affiated with one of the two systems there. Rock Hill, depending on where you live in Charlotte, is between 15-30 minutes south of Charlotte. There's Piedmont Hospital(Tenet) there. I think it's a wonderful place to raise children and I think it's safe but that's coming from someone who was born and raise in s.florida where the crime rate is through the rough. Mecklenburg County is HUGE, you have plenty of places you can choose from. Even the outskirts of Charlotte is nice. I worked in Concord CMC Northeast which is about 15-20 north of Charlotte.......ummmmm, I hope I answered something for you. lol
  13. missna4u

    Should we consider Charlotte?

    Hey canteloupeRN, sorry I took so long to answer back. I don't think I can pm anyone. I guess it's time to upgrade(i'm still kinda new here). But if you'd like, I can answer the questions on the here......