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  1. SoulShine75

    took nclex today feeling very low

    I took my NCLEX last Friday. Had 221 questions, mostly priority, teaching and delegation. I felt I was guessing at every answer, that is the nature of the NCLEX beast. No answer will look spot on, so try not to doubt yourself. I did and worried myself sick, but guess what...I passed! Good luck to you!:wink2:
  2. SoulShine75

    Nothing is Impossible with God :-)

    amen!!!! :bowingpur
  3. SoulShine75

    6th time....I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :clpty::clpty::clpty: congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. SoulShine75

    The really quick NCLEX results!

    They almost had to have a counceler for me and I didn't even know yet. I remember saying something to the 2 women such as... I think I failed, and left. It was all a blur. It was the most torturous 2 days. Yes...it would be a good idea, but it would definately have it's negatives.
  5. SoulShine75

    i took the nclex yesterday ..265 questions!!

  6. I took the Nclex last Friday, found out through pearson vue on Sunday that I passed. I checked the KY board of nursing site today...no license number yet. Is it normal for it to take a little while? Please, someone tell me it just may be beause they haven't updated yet. I hope that's the case...otherwise I think I'd just crawl in a hole.
  7. SoulShine75

    my worries are over!!!!

  8. SoulShine75

    I took my NCLEX RN today........

    I will keep you in my prayers. Just a few days ago I was in your shoes. Believe in yourself. I'm sure you did fine.
  9. SoulShine75

    Hurst Review online--any try it

    I took the live Hurst review and basically we got a book and it had a lot of blanks in it and when she talked we filled in the blanks. It was a good review of content, IMO. The way she explained things were simple and no nonsense so that you can easily understand. Once the review was over I got the online review so I could watch more lectures again. You also get questions, a lot of info you will need, lab values, cranial neves, stages of development etc....basically she said everything you need to know for the NCLEX is on the review. I liked it a lot, but I also studied it a lot and we were told if we were going to pass with her review we had to be able to teach the content by heart. On top of the hurst I got the Kaplan q bank for the questions only. I passed. Hope this helps. Everyone learns differently. Good luck to you.
  10. SoulShine75

    Jealous Wife!!!

    I can appreciate the fact that you have dreams. Everyone should be allowed to follow theirs, but is seems as if your wife is resistant, not of your dreams, but of her fears. Being in nursing school is a different expereince than any other type of college degree b/c you are with your classmates more than your family. I can see how this can cause issues if your wife already has problems. My best advice...get to the root of the real issue or things may not get better, but I sincerely hope they do. Best of luck to you.
  11. SoulShine75

    OMG I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you....i couldn't be happier!
  12. SoulShine75

    questinons and answers

    1. how many hours a day did you study? all day everyday with a break every 20 minutes for 3 weeks straight (but i also worked some in that time too and took care of my family ) how many months? only one. i waited to study after i took the hurst review and marlene hurst's philosophy is if you get the content, you can pass. i guess she was right, cause it worked. the book you get with the course has everything in it you need to pass (including a mock nclex) and it was simplified and easy to understand. i read it twice before taking the test. 2. did you use kaplan? i used the kaplan q bank and it helped me a lot. especially the priority questions. 3. if you used kaplan, what were your scores on your qbank? between 54%-65% 4. do you recomend watching the videos on content of kaplan? i never saw any of the videos, but i did watch marlene hurst's videos. 5. did you use the ncsbn "learning extension" site? no 6. did you use lippincott?no mosby's? no saunders? no hesi? i only did the hurst review for content and kaplan q bank for questions and kaplan strategies book to learn the tips and tricks. (i recommend that book!) 7. what do you believe was the most helpful in passing your nclex-rn?? well, i just passed, but what i think helped me pass was understanding the content (hurst) and then applying it with the qusetions (kaplan). i also read every rationale and took my studying seriously. what other advice can you give an nclex-rn test taker who is schedule to take her test on the beginning of november?? try to be as calm as you can when you take your test. i was waayyy too nervous and thought for sure i failed and about had a breakdown. take your time with each question, use your common sense and couple it with what you know. good luck.
  13. SoulShine75

    Sincerest thanks...I PASSED!

    congratulations! :yeah: :yeah:i too found out i passed today. it's an awesome feeling isn't it???? you deserve it...we all have worked very hard for this. i am also very grateful to this site as i have been a member since before this long haul. it's always been there for me. luv allnurses. :redbeathe
  14. SoulShine75

    i took the nclex yesterday ..265 questions!!

    Does your state participate in quick results? If so you can check the pearson vue site and pay 7.95 to get your results early. If I hadn't checked there I wouldn't already know I passed because my state board hasn't updated yet. Good luck. I will says some prayers.
  15. SoulShine75

    I passed..YAY!!

    i just found out i passed too! congratulations!!! :yeah::redpinkhe:bowingpur:lol2:
  16. SoulShine75

    OMG I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you