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  1. savagetrojan

    Excelsior Online

    I am not the one you asked the question of but I can't resist answering. First question: Was it as easy as it seemed? The short answer is; NO. To be totally honest, self studying, no direction from a professor, no one telling you when an assignment is due, traveling to a testing site to sit for 130 question exam that is worth 3 college credit, going through 3 DAYS of hell where you either pass or fail...no clinical instructor holding your hand and giving you a grade of A, B, or C just PASS/FAIL. If it seems easy it's only because the advertisements blasted at you are telling you "get your RN in 12-18 months without going to college" and "you are doing the same work as an RN, why not get paid for it,. you already have the knowledge" Excelsior is HARD work. Second question: Is it worth it? The short answer is YES! To be more specific, you study when you want, go at the pace you want, skip any areas that might be boring review, being the master of your own fate and KNOWING you gained this knowledge on your own makes it all worth it. Most of us going through(and those that have finished) could not have gone the traditional route because of family/work obligations, and life in general. Excelsior gets a bad rap in many forums because it is HARD not because it's easy. If the idea of the good of the program outweighs what you might consider bad then it's worth a try. You can take two of the nursing theory exams without enrolling and putting out a ton of money. The most you will be out of us the cost of some study material and the $275 for each exam. This will give you an idea of whether it's for you.
  2. savagetrojan

    Study Advice for Excelsior Nursing Exams

    If you aren't much of a reader this could be a long journey for you. at $275 a pop for each exam you don't want to go in unprepared. I have used SG101 study material and Saunders NCLEX review for my studying and I usuall studied for a week to ten days and then tested. I managed As and Bs for the first seven nursing theory exams. I failed LS3 and I wasn't exactly comfortable with the Bs I got in LS1 and LS2 so I would recommend the textbooks when you get to the LS exams, otherwise I would suggest the material I mentioned. Also, if you don't like reading I would suggest getting Transitions out of the way first because it will be a challenge for you....very dry and boring nursing history stuff. Finally, one last piece of advice, if you are better at visual learning you could always go to RNBridgeProgram.com I haven't used them personally but from what I gather it's videos that guide you through each Excelsior exam content rather than reading. I hope this helps.
  3. savagetrojan

    Need help quick. Studygroup101 LS3

    I used SG101 for ALL the theory exams I have taken. IMHO if I were you I would move away from that avenue of study and move to the textbooks recommended. I found SG101 to be spot on for all the exams UNTIL I got to the LS exams. I managed B's in LS1 and LS2 but the exams were uncomfortable, I didn't feel confident, it was like the material I followed in SG101 wasn't quite there, if you know what I mean, then I failed LS3. I'm reading the textbooks for my repeat and I'm starting to understand why I failed LS3 by only using SG101 to study with. Please don't get me wrong. I HIGHLY recommend SG101 for most of the exams, just not the LS exams.
  4. savagetrojan

    Finding a good LPN-RN/BSN program online

    I guess the first question I have to ask is "what several people" have told you that a hospital won't hire you with an Excelsior degree? Are these graduates of Excelsior? Are they people that have tried Excelsior and had a bitter experience? or are they just people that are talking out of the wrong end of their body because they have nothing intelligent to say? Do your own research. Excelsior is a NLN accredited school of excellence. You don't get that distinction without turning out VERY good, COMPETENT nurses. Now, I'm not saying that some hospital HR people and nurse managers may not hire you but NOT all hospitals are that way. MANY hospitals won't hire ANY NEW nurse graduate, so in some cases it has nothing to do with where you got your degree. I work with two new RN grads, one has her BSN and neither one of them could get a job at the hospital due to lack of experience, it had nothing to do with where they went to college. There are many places across the country that don't suffer from a nurse shortage anymore thanks to many retired RNs coming out of retirement because they lost their savings in 2008 and many others putting off retirement and many places have found ways to cut back on staffing. If I were you, before you get involved in any nursing program either online or in a classroom, I would go to all the hospitals within a comfortable radius of where you call home and ask for five minutes of a nurse manager or HR rep. and tell them you are asking for research purposes(not a lie). Ask them what they are looking for in a nurse when they hire. Do they require experience? Do they prefer a BSN over an associates degree? Even come out and ask them if they would consider hiring an Excelsior student. You may be suprised to find that many wouldn't know what Excelsior is and you could educate them about the credentials that Excelsior carries. Finally, if you are looking for an online education to get your RN there aren't a lot of choices for LPN to RN. I think Excelsior and Indiana State are the only two that offer online programs at this time.
  5. savagetrojan

    Excelsior CPNE Wait Time

    Did you count Info Lit, and Micro in there?(Just asking). Those are also required. With that being said. Excelsior is a very individual experience. I know nurses that study for months for an exam and have plugged away for a few years before finishing and then there are individuals that fly through. YOU are the only one that knows your current work schedule, family life, determination/desire, and ability to pay. All this has to go into answering this question. The fastest I have heard of someone going through it is NINE months. I started March 2011 and have one exam left and FCCA and CPNE, that's with taking the last four months OFF. On this forum I would guess to say the AVERAGE time is roughly 13 months. As for wait time for the CPNE....well,.....once you have finished all eight nursing theory exams AND the FCCA you become CPNE eligible. The average wait is around 4-5 months once you have sent in the 2k and given them a date you are eligible. I hope this helps answer your question!
  6. savagetrojan

    has anyone recently taken the A/P test through excelsior?

    If you can get some of the money back for the exam I would personally cancel and take the cancellation fee if you aren't ready rather than losing the entire amount. If you are truly not confident I would look into Straighterline for the A&P, it's all open book and self paced. Now, that being said...it still isn't easy. It's not like you get to spend 20 minutes looking up the answer to a quiz question but it is in the comfort of your own home, self paced and IMHO less stressful. The credits for A&P from Straighterline will transfer to Exclesior so it's worth it. The price is $99 a month and $39 per course, if you take it with a lab you will have to order the lab material from somewhere. If you have been studying you would probably only have to pay the $99 once and the $39 for I and $39 for II. You would pass with no doubt and spend less than the Excelsior exam. Either way, good luck!
  7. savagetrojan

    Excelsior College Question (newbie)

    It really is worth the $75 to have your transcripts evaluated. You are doing the right thing by taking Health Safety and Transitions before enrolling. That is what many of us have done. Why pay enrollment if you find self study isn't for you? I mention the eval. because in many cases you may "think" you have all the gen. ed. credits needed but Excelsior may not count some of them. I had 31 credits going in but Excelsior only counted 21. You also have to have the Information Literacy course, it's only one credit and it's best to take it through PennFoster but that's a story for another post. The CC I went to didn't require Micro so I had to take that also. Also, in many cases psych. credits have a shelf life(usually 7 yrs). I'm not sure about EC policy on that though. Personally, I thought Health Safety was a walk in the park and Transitions is just a LOT of memorization. OK, I've rambled enough, I know I went off topic but I do that a lot. Good Luck!
  8. Unfortunately....this exam is very dry subject material. The only advice is to study and memorize. If I had to pick out a good point for this exam it's simple. This is MEMORIZATION...plain and simple. No "what ifs" no, "two answers could be right"(when only one is), no critical thinking. You either know the stuff or you don't. That my friend is the cold hard facts, I wish I could tell you something different but I can't. IMHO this exam wasn't any harder than the other ones.
  9. savagetrojan

    For All Current Excelsior Students

    Nervous1, I will gladly "join" your cult I took my first exam on March 25th and by June 6th had seven exams completed with As and Bs. I FAILED LS3 and from there was no longer motivated to pick up any kind of study material. It has now been over four months and I recently got my motivation back. I have LS3, FCCA, and CPNE and I am done. It's hard for anyone I spoke with to understand how I could be so "close" and not be on fire about it. What they don't understand is the CPNE makes it so "FAR" for most, if not all of us! As I get closer to the reality of the CPNE I feel more like a "dead man walking" rather than someone getting closer to the finish line. I have always thought of my self as a "clinically sound" type nurse but the horror stories of people failing for forgetting simple things is very intimidating. I can't imagine ever forgetting to wash my hands because I have done it probably a million times in 18 years, but under pressure, who knows what you might forget.....God, just sitting here typing I need a xanax(and I don't even take Tylenol). Anyway, I want to take LS3 again before Halloween, FCCA by Christmas and the CPNE before Easter....let's keep each other on track!
  10. savagetrojan

    I'm back....I think?!?

    Back after long sabatical.....Failed LS3 on June 16th(wife's birthday which made it sting worse) That kind of deflated me after flying through the first SEVEN exams in two months. I felt like I disappointed my wife, my kids, myself and I started doubting if I could pass the CPNE even IF I retook LS3. Had a lot happen over the summer that didn't help matters but ANYWAY...somehow I've managed to get some of my motivation back and going to start re-studying for LS3. Hope to start being a contributor to this site again.......
  11. You can take Health Safety and Transitions to the RN exams prior to enrolling and I would highly recommend that. You never know if this is something you will be comfortable with. This can be done in less than a year. I started taking exams on March 25th and have SEVEN completed. I have to take some time off due to family issues so I haven't finished the last exam which will make me FCCA/CPNE eligible. So, with a family of 8...yes I said EIGHT...two adult daughters, two one year old grand daughters, a 19 year old son and a 12 year old son, a wife that also wants my attention and a full time job. IMHO if you have been a LPN for more than a few years and paid attention to your surroundings I would say you have at least 60% of the knowledge already. Just add some deeper knowledge and learn to be a critical thinker and it's not that difficult. THOUSANDS have done it and THOUSANDS more will do it. None are more special than any other so YOU can do this too. Good Luck
  12. savagetrojan

    Penn Foster Information Literacy

    No, just like any other transcripts you may have. It will be "initially evaluated" until you enroll with EC and then will be "officially evaluated" when you do enroll.
  13. savagetrojan

    Why doesn't the nursing profession support LPNs?

    Amari, hang in there hon. I will be 47 this year and will finally be an RN. I have no plans of stopping on free parking, right past go and on to boardwalk.I Need that BSN and will have it before the end of 2012, If I will have mine before I'm 50 I'm sure you will too :)
  14. savagetrojan

    Timeline from pass cpne to grad date?

    From EC website: Note: All additions/deletions/corrections to the final transcript must be submitted by the student, in writing, two (2) weeks prior to the conferral date. I am assuming this means if someone were to have A&P, Info Lit and micro left AFTER they took the CPNE the could take the CPNE by 9/2 and send the rest of the info after the fact as long as it was by 10/7 and still graduate by 10/21. Does this make sense?
  15. savagetrojan

    Why doesn't the nursing profession support LPNs?

    I have been a LPN for 18 years. I once wished I could have a dollar for every time I said "I could pass the NCLEX-RN, why don't they just let experienced LPNs test out" Now, with only a few months to go before I am a GN I can only say one thing.........I am so glad I never got paid that dollar because now I would have to pay it all back. I am proud of the years I served my fellow human beings in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, and prisons as a LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE, however, if I have learned one very important thing it would be that although the RN and LPN role seem very similar, there is a VAST difference. I always respected the RNs I worked with but now I appreciate their knowledge even more. I hope you are able to find a way past your frustration and good luck finding a program.