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HisHands has 10 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Rehab.

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  1. HisHands

    Where have all the 12s gone?!

    Well, being from MI, all you see for like 4-6 months a year is gray sky and snow. When my husband told me Uncle Sam was moving us to CA, I envisioned sunny skies and relaxing on the beach. Has it been aweful! It's been cold, rainy, and definitely NOT sunny. *sigh* oh well... hopefully by maybe March or April. Thanks for moving it... I didn't even think about the CA forum.
  2. HisHands

    Where have all the 12s gone?!

    I haven't been on in a while.... lots of stuff going on: husband deployed, returned and then moved me across the country. Now we are in "sunny" north SF Bay area, and, um... loving? it. Anywho, there were 12 hour shifts up the whazoo in MI, but I can't seem to find 12s anywhere. I just can't keep up my household and work 5 days a week. So, I was thinking about working part time. Not an option up here with the many companies I spoke with. What's up with that? All I want is 12s, so I can be home with my husband. So, anyone know of anyone offering 12 hour shifts in the north bay area? (I'm in Petaluma, btw, but would definitely travel a little for the shift I need). Blessings! Crystal
  3. HisHands

    Moving on

    my husband is military. we are doing our first move from michigan to northern california. i heard through the grapevine that you need to re-test in california. i couldn't imagine not nursing, but we will only be there for 6 months. so, if that's the case, there's no point to me. could someone pretty please help me out here?! i'm so worried now. also, i have no concept of how much i can expect to make there. i know that for an lpn, i make pretty top notch in my area. am i looking at a paycut? we will be in petaluma which is one hour north of sf, and is right in the napa valley. blessings all! ~hishands
  4. HisHands

    White scrub pants that you can't see through!

    Cherokee brand (not cherokee workwear) makes a great flare leg pant (with the stylish slit at the ankle). We have to wear Navy and white, so I'm a white scrub pro. You can't see through them or anything.
  5. HisHands

    Tall Girl Scrubs

    I am shocked. I am 5'3" and wear cherokee scrubs. I have to buy the regular length because the petites are WAAAY to short, even for me. But, the regular lengths go completely over my shoes and drag on the ground (really not all that professional). Anyway, I just never thought that you lovely tall ladies would have such a problem. I so sympathize.
  6. HisHands

    Am I being pathetic?

    I really hate to sound like a downer, but here's something to think about. When I sat down for my very first nursing class, I remember thinking "I only need to get a 75%?! That's awesome." I was a good student... I graduated with a 3.5 overall. Well, let me tell you something. When you have a professor that you swear to God is Satan on earth. They will seem like they want nothing more than to fail you. They will write these tests that seem like they are just trying to trick you. That will be the day you will thank the Lord above that you got that 75%. I think that nsg school is extremely humbling.
  7. HisHands

    Tattoos and nursing

    wow classy, you seem really disqualifying here. "So to all you in the lower echelons of nursing with visible arm/neck tattoos who dream of achieving more:trout:." What the heck is that? I could TOTALLY see my employer saying, "Yes Crystal. You are the most qualified candidate for that promotion, but we are giving it to Joe because he doesn't have that tatoo/extra set of earrings, etc." Riiiiight. BTW, I have a tat that I LOOOOVE. I had always wanted to get a fish directly in the arch of my left foot, but when my hubby and I went in to get it, I changed my mind. I decided to get a hot pink, glows under blacklight Playboy bunny on my left lower back right above my bum. But hey, that's just me. Blessings! ~Crystal
  8. HisHands

    Working with shingles?

    if they are currently active, my facility won't allow you to come in. we require a clear from the pcp.
  9. HisHands

    RN student - can I challenge the LVN/LPN NCLEX?

    1 - I think it's bunk that RNs who FAILED school are trying to become LPNs. If you FAILED nursing school obviously you missed something there. There must have been concepts that you didn't understand. I'm sorry but I would NEVER let you anywhere near my family or friends. There are always other programs you could go through. You should not just be granted the ability to take the same boards as me just because you failed your higher classes. 2. Tell me that the LPN who owns her own accredited HH agency isn't practicing autonomously. On that note, I don't think I know one new RN who is qualified to practice autonomously. Pretty please help me see the light.
  10. HisHands

    LPN student w/ ?s for an LPN

    hope this helps darlin blessings, crystal
  11. HisHands

    Why Would He...??

    There will always be someone around you don't like. There will always be someone who got their job, and you didn't think it was fair. There will always be someone who does things differently, non-traditionally, or in a different way than everyone else. He probably never expected the situation with these classes to come up. Give him a break. My advise from one "professional" to another: Get your nose out of his business and focus on working on yourself.
  12. HisHands

    Why Would He...??

    So what?
  13. HisHands

    Careplna... Question from a current Student

    Our facility has complete careplans, all alphabetized by dx. All we have to do is date and sign them. Blessings, Crystal
  14. HisHands

    Letter to Dean??

    I just meant "girlfriend" as a female friend. I know you want to find some way to let this person know she's been influential in your nsg journey. Why not tell her? I bet she would love that sort of encouragement right now. Maybe you and your classmates can send her flowers (or a cookie bouquet:clown: ) to just remind her that while she may not be in the professor capacity any longer, her influence will always be remembered by you. I don't think people realize how important appreciation is... many people would have heard that she was leaving and brushed it off because it doesn't directly involve them. I think it's great that you are willing to be honest with her about her impact on you. Blessings, Crystal
  15. HisHands

    Nights: Normal schedule on days off??

    I work evenings 5 days per week. One thing to consider which may or may not affect you is this. I get off at 11:30pm. By the time I wind down it's 1-1:30. Sometimes later. I don't see my hubby much, either. It's also difficult if you are used to 12s. The other thing I've noticed is that I feel like I spend the day waiting to go to work as opposed to working, getting it "out of the way" so to speak earlier, and having the rest of the day to do whatever. It all depends on what your level of responsibilities are at home. It's nice if you have kids, because the off shift tends to keep babysitting costs at a minimum. Blessings, Crystal
  16. HisHands

    Letter to Dean??

    I agree. I don't think it was appropriate for her to tell you about her situation. I understand she probably wanted to vent or whatever, but it definitely crosses some role boundaries. She's not your girlfriend, she's your instructor. (God, I'm ornary today) Anyway, that said, I don't think that it's a wise move. You are starting out fresh in a new program that I'm sure is competitive entry wise. Don't jeopardize your future. I think the best way that you can honour this instructor and mentor, and express your gratitude would be by working hard and being the kind of nurse she would want you to be. Use her example as empowerment. Blessings, Crystal