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  1. JM RN

    Beyond desperate

    Thanks ayern125! I just did :)
  2. JM RN

    Beyond desperate

    Hello. I wanted to ask you if I could email you also? Unfortunately I'm in the same boat thanks in advance.
  3. JM RN

    Does your school have nebulizers there?

    Thank you both! :)
  4. Or does the child need to bring in from home? Thanks in advance!
  5. JM RN

    where are the damn jobs

    Is that with an assosiates or bachelors? I have an associate degree and having a hard time also. Thanks :)
  6. JM RN

    Bronx Lebanon (Thanks in advance)!!!

    Congratulations! Do u have a bsn? Cause inapplied there too. Thanks :)
  7. JM RN

    Working night shift with kids

    thank you so much for the responses! you all are amazing!! i can have my husband put my oldest on the bus for school and drive my youngest to daycare. and then when i wake up i can get my oldest off the bus at 3:30 and go pick up the little one from daycare. this will work during the week. and i just got this idea from all of you! :) appreciate it. i am still not sure what to do about weekends. my husband works sat & sun and leaves for work at 1pm. i might have to let them stay over my parents house every other weekend for me to work. thank you all so much again!! now i feel like i can really do it! :)
  8. JM RN

    Working night shift with kids

    Would I be able to work night shift (7pm to 7am) with 2 kids? They are ages 2 & 9. I would be working nights & every other weekend? This job is a possibility but just want to make sure I would be able to do it. I would have to leave to take the train around 5 pm and then I can get a sitter to stay with the kids until my husband comes home. But when will I sleep?? Lol. Just wondering what other moms do? Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. JM RN

    kaplan readiness test

    I just changed my date and have two more weeks to study. I just bought the saunders comprehensive review because I want to study more content. I hope I can read it in 2 weeks and i hope it's good! I will take qtrainer 7 next week n hope to score that 62! :)
  10. JM RN

    kaplan readiness test

    thanks so much for the responses! :) i took qtrainers 1-6 and scored 52-62. i didnt take 7 yet. i hope i get at least a score of 60 on qtrainer 7! i got a 59 on qtrainer 6. i feel like i ran out of time on the readiness test because i took the test with my kids. i forgot to suspend the test when i should have. i take the nclex on 2/21. now i just need to work on my anxiety.
  11. JM RN

    kaplan readiness test

    does anyone know what is a passing score for the kaplan readiness test? i just took the test and scored a 62. but i ran out of time. thank u so much 🙂