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Needsmorechocolate specializes in Med/Surg, School and Camp Nursing.

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  1. Needsmorechocolate

    Bite Protection

    We have a new non-verbal elementary student with a history of biting staff members on the arms. We purchased Kevlar sleeves recently but have found out that they are not puncture proof. Does anyone have any product they have used with success? We do have a behavioral specialist assisting with this student. Thanks!
  2. Needsmorechocolate

    Menstrual talks, tampons/pads the only option?

    School Nurse here. I have never heard of a moon cup but I would be curious to learn more about it.
  3. Needsmorechocolate

    What advise would you give to your younger self?

    I would say tell family members how much you love and appreciate them because they are sometimes taken away too early, things always happen for a reason and lastly....good job dumping the jerk who told you he would marry you when you weighed 100 lbs!!
  4. Needsmorechocolate

    thermometer feedback

    Does anyone have any feedback good or bad on a Thermofocus Non-Contact Thermometer? It works by aiming a light beam at the forehead. I am in the process of purchasing a new thermomter and like the idea of not having to purchase probe covers which I seem to run out of very quickly. I just found an old thread on the Exergen Temporal Scanner. Any new feeback on that one? Thanks in advance.
  5. Needsmorechocolate

    funny office visit

    My funniest visit was "my heart hurts" while holding her right hip!!! She was A&O x 3 and in no obvious distress.
  6. Needsmorechocolate

    Who's Loving the Winter Break ??

    I am loving the winter break too!! Happy 2010 to all.
  7. Needsmorechocolate

    To all my school nurse friends !

    Merry Christmas to all! I am thankful for all my school nurse friends here as I have learned so much in this forum. You all make the hardest days that much better!
  8. Needsmorechocolate

    School nurse and pregnancy

  9. Needsmorechocolate

    Happy Thanksgiving Break!

    I agree with Praiser, it is so nice to be away from the hospital. Happy Thanksgiving to all! My last day of school before the break is Tuesday.
  10. Needsmorechocolate

    Annoying or showing determination???

    I honestly do not think LLG was trying to be sarcastic. I think LLG was trying to show the reality of what happens to managers when there are many applicants for only a few jobs in a tight job market. The benefits of being part of AN allows nurses to draw on the experience and assistance from other nurses. We are here to support each other and grow. I wish you the best of luck in your job search.
  11. Needsmorechocolate

    Nurse Caused Student Injury?

    I am sorry but I do not have an answer as to why that happened. It sounds to me that the head nurse is not supporting you. I wish you a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Sending cyber hugs to you :heartbeat
  12. Needsmorechocolate

    Was fired today......

    Everything happens for a reason. Congrats!
  13. Needsmorechocolate

    Need kindness from my school nurse sisters

    You deserve to be treated with respect. Those behaviors show a total lack of respect for you. I am sorry you were treated like that. :heartbeat
  14. Needsmorechocolate

    Flu without fever?

    Please keep us posted on your student. I am curious to hear the outcome. I agree, as nurses, we can understand the phrase "looks sick."
  15. Needsmorechocolate

    Older diabetic students

    Hi Luvschoolnursing: Your advice was perfect. I called the student's father today and he told me that at times student is off on his calculations and requested that I supervise him. I spoke with the student after lunch and we agreed to work on calculations together. Thanks so much for your advice. On the vent side, I had a teacher this afternoon that made this student wait to have a pass written out and then sent him to my office without antother student for feeling "weird." I hope you have a good year!
  16. Needsmorechocolate

    Older diabetic students

    Hi all: I just started today in a new school and I have my first diabetic student that is in 7th grade. He does carb counting and correction factors. He came in before lunch chatted and then tested his blood sugar and went to lunch. He came back after lunch and told me what he ate and then proceeded to quickly calculate the carbs and total insulin dose. He then gave himself an injection, chatted some more and went to class. Also to add, I will communicate with his father everyday to update him on the finger stick results. Do you allow the student this amount of control or do you supervise their calculations? I just want to make sure that I am allowing him the independence but also want to understand the whole process. Thanks in advance.