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  1. NurseToBe3

    Anyone starting RN to BSN online in Fall 2014

    I'm in this class too! I feel like I'm missing something though. I was under the impression that there were actual lectures, not just 10 min worth of short clips. I noticed that there's quite a bit of reading to do for next week, so maybe it's just heavy on reading and writing. It seems like the info isn't as easy to find as I had hoped either. Hopefully it will just take a week or two to settle in and wont seem so overwhelming!
  2. I feel your pain. I found out I was pregnant with kiddo number three right before I started my nursing pre-reqs. I took a term off after having her, but I knew if I didn't start back that I never would. Now only have 9 months left in my program, but my kids are feeling neglected. Leaving them never gets easier, but at least they don't remember it when they're that little. I worry that my kids will just remember me studying all the time once they grow up! Good luck!
  3. NurseToBe3

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    I would be careful of where you get your info. ITT Portland hasn't graduated a class yet and wont until September, so your friend will be the first class to graduate. It's going to be hard for a new nursing program to get good clinical sites when there are so many established programs around, but it sounds like they are working on it. Also, it doesn't seem likely that they went to a daycare for Peds experience. We went to a preschool for a small amount of our peds experience and my school has been around for a few decades. Obviously we weren't there full days, but we did fluoride on their teeth, checked their vision and hearing, did some nutritional teaching, etc. We go every term and do something different, so that makes up some of our peds hours. Hopefully ITT improves their clinical sites quickly and their students get the experience they need. Those students invest a lot and deserve a good education!
  4. NurseToBe3

    PCC nursing program VS MHCC nursing program

    I am a Mt. Hood student and it definitely has it's pros and cons. Many of the instructors are great, however there are some that are not. We usually have multiple instructors teaching our core class and they are not always on the same page. They are quite disorganized, which makes it tough to learn. I don't feel like we get nearly enough practice time or instruction in lab (but there is some open lab time and this may be a problem for other schools as well). The program is very self directed and you will need to be prepared to learn a lot on your own. Most of the lectures are helpful, but you will need to go much more in depth on your own time (again somewhat expected and probably the same as other schools). I know nursing school it tough no matter where you go, but sometimes they are a little unrealistic in what they expect. I didn't mean for this to be all negative... I am fairly happy with the program (I'm learning a ton, there's lots of hands on experience, it's close, affordable, etc), but I wish it were more organized. I feel like I could learn much more if it were set up better and some teachers were more supportive. I'm sure any school will have many positives as well as negatives and you will need to decide what is best for you. Good luck in your decision! p.s. I'm not a grouchy student because I'm failing classes or anything. I have kept straight A's through the whole program.
  5. NurseToBe3

    NCLEX prep book

    I'm in my second term of nursing school and I keep hearing that I should start practicing with a NCLEX prep book. Can anyone recommend a good one that will be useful now or will they be over my head at this point? Thanks!
  6. NurseToBe3

    Gotta love working in an elementary school!

    Haha!! This just made my night!
  7. NurseToBe3

    So many questions about CRNA

    I'm also in nursing school and will be done with my BSN in a little over two years. I have been thinking about doing a CRNA program also, but have a lot of the same questions. I don't know where you are located, but OHSU is the only school in my area that has a CRNA program and they want 3-5 years of floor nursing before you have begin their program. I guess that will give me time to decide, but I'm afraid after working for that long that I wont want to go back to school. I think it's great that you are willing to wait to start your family. I'm 5 years older than you, but I have three kids and my husband is also staring nursing school next term. This has been very tough on them and you will be gald you waited! Good luck with your journey! I hope someone posts some good info on here!
  8. NurseToBe3

    What are the challenges and rewards of being a Peds Nurse?

    Wow! This was really great to read! I have been thinking about going into peds (still in nursing school) and this gives me so much to think about! Very nicely written. Thank you so much!
  9. NurseToBe3

    How many people did you lose?

    Wow! These people have all lost so many. I have only finished my first term, but we started with 32 people and only lost one (she dropped the second week because she was overwhelmed and decided to go another route). Everyone passed this term and hopefully it stays that way! I suppose it partly depends on how competitive the programs are to get into. Mine was tough to get into so everyone had to be prety sure this was what they wanted to do.
  10. NurseToBe3

    pharmacology online class

    You might do just as well to find a good pharm book and learn from it. It's really more about learning the different categories and side effects than memorizing lists.
  11. NurseToBe3

    pharmacology online class

    I am in the nursing program at Mt. Hood Community College and I'm taking an online pharm class right now. Generally they want people to be in the program, but I know someone who took it and wasn't in the program. Mine isn't a memorization class. They give us all the info and we have weekly quizes, but it's more about "utilizing our resources". Maybe it would be an option, but I don't feel like I have learned a ton from it and I'm 10 weeks in to the term. Hope this helps!
  12. NurseToBe3

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    MHCC's LPN program sends out interview invites at the begining of jan, so at least that isn't too far away!!
  13. NurseToBe3

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    I'm at Mt. Hood and we are doing health promotion too! Where do you guys do clinicals?
  14. NurseToBe3

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    You got in to Clackamas, right? How is that going?
  15. NurseToBe3

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    It's going well! They definitely threw us in head first! We have already learned SOOO much more than I thought we would in the first term! It's pretty exciting how fast it moves. It's also a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be! I usually spend 5+ hours a day on homework and studying (not to mention class, work and starting clinicals next week)
  16. NurseToBe3

    Should I gain experience or money?

    That's where I'm at right now! I work as a waitress and I really thought hard about weather I wanted the experience or the money. I decided to stick with my serving job for now. I'm a month into my nursing program and I'm sooo glad I stuck with that decision. My work is flexible with my schedule, I make great money in 4 or 5 hours (and still have time to study that day), and there are always people to pick up my shift if I need to do homework. I think after my first year I will go look for a CNA job, but for now I'm happy to be where I am. I'm already having a tough time juggling school, clinicals, my kids and the few shifts I work each week. I'm very grateful for the flexibility! Good luck with your decision!