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  1. karamarie91

    Stuttering Stupid Nurse

    I'm a stutterer too but not severe since I got some therapy in elementray school. Still, I think speaking slowly and focusing on what you are saying than how you say it helps. I pray that you feel better. I know people can be cruel and stuttering can destroy your self-esteem.
  2. karamarie91

    These just seems so gross to me

    What I don't get is when facilities want to reuse towels and washclothes that are saturated in feces/blood/whatever bodily fluid. You can't wash everything out and even if you could, that's just yucky. I dump out heavily soiled linen even though it's heavily discouraged.
  3. karamarie91

    Went to work in whites today!

    do we work at the same place?lol. because they did the same thing at my job today too...
  4. Hi. This is my first post in this section.I'm a fairly new PCT on a med-surg unit and although I am used to customer service from my previous experience in banking. I came into this hospital learning and accepting the whole customer service- Press Gainey mission. However, I notice how it frustrates you all on this forum. I wanted to know in a nutshell, what was it like for nurses before? Also, do you think it's better to go back the old way(whatever that was) or is there another way. I want to believe that press-gainey was supposed to solve all the problems patients had due to hospital treatment. Also, do you see this new culture of nursing lasting for a while?Or will it backfire?
  5. karamarie91

    Nurses Week/Hospital Week

    we got umbrellas. I put my initials on it, but someone still stole it.
  6. karamarie91

    New Grad Nurse needs advice please!

    I'm confused. I thought you have to have at least a BSN/ADN to work at the bedside.
  7. karamarie91

    How do you cope with anxiety?

    Very inspiring, CheesePotato.
  8. karamarie91

    Learn from my STUPID mistake

    Don't put your face too close to a patient because when they cough and sneeze, most times they don't cover their mouth!!!!
  9. karamarie91

    What CAN they do? (a vent)

    Yea, at my job, only a few of the dietary staff helps set the patient's tray up. They usually just put the tray in there and leave. One of the houskeeping staff actually offered to help me pull up a patient. A radiology tech helped me clean up a patient since she was in the room to pick the patient up for a procedure. Teamwork is a beautiful thing. I don't demand that non-nurses and tech help us out. But I it is a pleasant shock when they do.
  10. karamarie91

    Kennesaw State BSN Fall 2012

    I got accepted too! I had found out at work when I was checking my email! I plan to go there.
  11. karamarie91

    Kennesaw State BSN Fall 2012

    I got accepted to Clayton, but I am waiting on KSU so I can make my decision. I don't know which one to pick if I get into both. They are both around the same distance from me. Gtqueen371, are most of the nursing students working at night, since you said days is bascially too hard? I am a tech at a hospital and I work days right now.
  12. karamarie91

    How much do you make as a tech?

    Georgia:starts at $10 in the hospitals.
  13. karamarie91

    Im here to complain. you can too:)

    Yall got me sorta excited. I start in Fall.
  14. karamarie91

    Clayton State University Fall 2012

    yay, I'm in too!
  15. I sometimes worry about the same thing too as I wait to be accepted into a nursing school. You really have to be in for the love of nursing as your patience and endurance may be tested heavily when you're out there looking for work. I want the nursing market to get better, but if it doesn't I will not let that stop me.
  16. karamarie91

    Clayton State University Fall 2012

    You can call the nursing school's number and follow the prompts to speak to the administrative assistant who should be able to answer your question. If she can't answer it, she will most likely transfer you to an adviser(which adviser you will have depends on your last name) who will speak with you or return your call.