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Primary Care; Child Advocacy; Child Abuse; ED

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Camwill has 23 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, LPN, APRN, NP and specializes in Primary Care; Child Advocacy; Child Abuse; ED.

Wife, mother of seven, Army veteran, FNP-C and in last year of DNP program. I love my family, nursing, education and mentoring! 

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  1. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    Congrats 🎉 I will put my advice last. Exams were challenging but I expected that. I worked full-time. I have seven children and my husband and myself are disabled veterans. I needed to work. I did work as a RN care manager in a VA primary care clinic. I think that helped with the program because I could apply what I was learning and I had MDs and NPs around to ask questions. I agree with the other Cox student, I do not believe that you can use a hospitalist during primary care but you can during specialty probably. My advice is to get a calendar and plug in due dates and get another calendar for when you need to complete things. That is two different things. Example I want to have this part of an assignment done although the whole assignment is due a different day. The first day you receive your syllabus plug in your due dates. Get a usb and keep all your stuff on one. You do your project every semester and it will be a life saver knowing that you have everything in one place. It worked better doing it that way for me. Interact with your cohort because you guys can keep each other motivated and on tract. Make sure you understand people are watching you during clinical and work (you are interviewing). I was offered a position at every clinical site, other staff also told people about me and I was offered jobs. To be honest I didn’t apply to any position but have been offered several jobs. I still do get offers. Take everyday one day at a time. Oh make sure that you have your preceptors in advance. I always had two just in case something happened with the other one. Congrats and happy studies!
  2. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    Sorry it has been so long since I posted here. I started the program in Missouri (I also received my Asn and bsn at Cox) then moved to California during my first semester. It was a little challenging getting clinical sites but I managed. I hope you applied and are doing well in the program!
  3. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    It is pretty much all online...unless something has changed and it could. I graduated May 2018. When I started the program we had required times to come in during the program... I believe it was three time. Only actually came to orientation because they stopped requiring to come in. So as of now...100% online.
  4. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has been in the University of San Francisco Population Health Leadership DNP program or has recently been accepted. I am very interest at your experience with the program.
  5. Hi everyone! I was accepted to University of San Francisco Population Health Leadership DNP program and I was wondering if anyone has completed the program or has recently been accepted. I have not posted in a while. Well hope to here from someone!
  6. Camwill

    Pay rate for new nurses in the south

    I agree, I moved from Missouri to California and cost of living cannot be the reason for pay difference...we have just not said any thing for changes in pay for nurses. The hospital charges the same amount here as there, McDonald's and any other place the price is the same, of course housing is a little more expensive but I promise you I live in a comparable home that I did in Missouri and I paying $500 more a month. I left Missouri making a little over $45,000 a year and I made $40,000 in the first four months of the year. Missouri nurses work just as hard as any other nurse and deserve a fair wage!
  7. Camwill

    Barnes-Jewish starting RN salary

    Wow pay is better for new grads since I moved I believe it was around $18 in the Springfield area...moved to California and that is what the lvns make.
  8. Camwill


    Cox college in Springfield has both...that is why I went there!
  9. Camwill


    It is AWESOME! Totally worth it! It stays updated and keeps all your references so you only add it once...it formats your paper and did I mention it is awesome...if you have any questions please let me know! I have used it since 2011 and always got compliments from professors on my discussion questions apa and reports apa [emoji3]
  10. Camwill

    New NP Student

    Nice to see you too! It is hard to believe how far we have come!
  11. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    I believe the questions are different but your adviser can help you prepare! You will be okay, just be yourself! How did you hear about Cox?
  12. Camwill

    New NP Student

    Well I will be in that exact spot in one year and you will be done...and again I will excited to finish!
  13. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    It was a fairly short wait and we were notified quickly! There were a lot of questions and it last about one hour.
  14. Camwill

    I need your input on commuting

    I do miss that!
  15. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    3.7 we have orientation next month...I will see what the avg was!
  16. Camwill

    Cox College FNP

    I can't tell you much about the FNP because this will be my official first semester although I have taken two master courses with them...I have however completed my asn and bsn through them...when I know more I will share it with you!