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  1. drugirl

    Took PN this morning.1/22

  2. Hi I will be taking nclex Feb7th! I also want to get the helpful study guide that every one is talking about here too! Can anyone please email me the study guide please! Greatly appreciated ! my email is lovejoeylam@hotmail.com Thank you so much!!!
  3. drugirl

    Mount St Marys ADN for Spring 2013

    Congrats!! ^^ I'm still waiting to be accepted! Did you see an update on your webadvisor account or you received a welcoming letter? Finger crossed!!
  4. drugirl

    Mount St Marys ADN for Spring 2013

    MY lecture teacher graduated bsn from that school. she said their clinical is at ucla hospital n la childrens hospital. Do they have any info session?
  5. drugirl

    West Coast University RN BSN Program

    I went to the information session at WCU-LA campus last week, they say you either have TEAS or SAT or pass the HESI entrance exam with 80%. Whether it's worthy or not really depends on person, so i can't answer your question. The tuition doesn't include textbooks and tuition is subject to change every year. For me, I really don't wanna wait like years to get my degree done. I'm looking at their LVN-BSN now & I kinda wish I had started my BSN at WCU instead of going through the LVN to BSN since their LVN to BSN is only 1 semester more than regular BSN program.
  6. drugirl

    Oikos University - Oakland

    Well said, you should check out the school yourself if your interested in knowing it more. I found that way much easier n faster.
  7. drugirl

    Oikos University - Oakland

    IF their passing score is below average, dont you think the school will be in danger of not getting accredited by the board? doesnt matter lvn or rn
  8. drugirl

    Oikos University - Oakland

    I didnt go to that school in the end. they seem very disorganized to me. THERE was a gun shooting happened in that school like two weeks ago n seven students were shot dead. n i read their passing rate was below the average passing score. u can read the news online, just google oikos university oakland
  9. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    I go to that school for LVN now
  10. drugirl

    Shepherd University LVN to RN Program

    Hey 2629jjang, how do you like the school so far? are the teachers good?
  11. drugirl

    Shepherd LVN Program

    hey lovelyshepherd, how do you like Shepherd so far? Are the teachers good?
  12. drugirl

    I'm Finally Bridging to Become an RN!

    Congrat! can you guys tell us which schools you get into? I am starting LVN program too and hope to be lucky like your guys!
  13. drugirl

    Oikos University - Oakland

    I visited them and talked to the adviser. I wasn't impressed by their school at all...
  14. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    I called them last week and talked to the Japanese woman on phone and she told me to send them my transcripts and stuff but until today (Tuesday) I haven't heard back from them, not even a reply to my email. And I actually called them yesterday hoping to speak to the person who was helping me last week, they said she wasn't in the office and I left a message asking her to call me back! but she didn't. So I called her just now, and she was actually in the office today! This is kinda intimidating.. I mean she never called me back or follow me up even she knew I had been calling! I asked her if she got my email and she didn't even open my email but she said she knew I sent her a email and another person would call me back tomorrow, she's in a hurry to hang up on me! wt..
  15. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    Thanks for the information! I am interested in their LVN and BSN program at Shepherd. I don't have a bachelor's degree in other field but I am taking TEAS test in January (haven't started studied yet! >_ Jojo