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  1. vegasmomma

    I Must Be Missing Something

    Thank you DallasRN for sharing. I'm tossing around the idea of doing HH. Still in research phase. At least in the hospital I get paid for every hour worked.
  2. vegasmomma

    help!? Which job do I take?

    So please update us on what job you decided on. Are you content with where you are at now?
  3. vegasmomma

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    I come here to learn about different areas of nursing to see if I might be interested in trying another area or specialty. Pros and cons info. I also come here to read other nurses rants and frustrations so I know I'm not alone. It's good and bad everywhere.
  4. vegasmomma

    If at First You Don't Succeed

    Excellent article with great application and insight. I love hearing people's personal experiences and how they overcame hardships and trials.. especially when adversity comes from people around us. Love it!
  5. vegasmomma

    Friends don't understand ?

    I enjoyed reading this thread because I feel the same way. Even when we tell people about the pressure to get A's because the competition is fierce, we tell them how hard the classes are and all the projects we have and the memorizing we do they just look at us with a blank, clueless half-smile or they say "Oh ya I remember going to school and working too I understand how hard it is. No, if you weren't competing against 100 other people to make the cut just to get into the program while working and juggling a family then NO, you don't understand. Stay strong and focused. True friends will wait for you.
  6. vegasmomma

    Nursing Application Photos: Discrimination or Not

    I have often wondered if adding things to my resume like "physically fit" or "able to lift 50 pounds over my head" or "able to run 5k in 20 minutes" would be a positive way to overcome the age discrimination and snap judgment that is inevitable at my age.
  7. vegasmomma

    Question about UNLV

    Hi there UNLV nursing students! I am just applying for fall semester and would like to hear your stories and experiences at UNLV so far!
  8. vegasmomma

    I passed the NCLEX is that a garuntee for me to be a nurse?

    I tend to over analyze these type of questions..I ask myself are they assuming I do know this or I dont know that? this option could be true in this situation but false in another circumstance. sometimes I obsess over one word like "repair" do they mean remove and replace with new or do they mean correct components that are damaged? are there many questions with "choose all that apply"? I hate those.
  9. vegasmomma

    I passed the NCLEX is that a garuntee for me to be a nurse?

    Way to go! great job. What study guides did you use?
  10. vegasmomma

    UNLV NCLEX Pass Rates

    This question is for recent UNLV BSN graduates who passed the NCLEX first time...what was most helpful for preparation? what study guides did you use?
  11. vegasmomma

    New grad rn in las vegas, nevada

    Just curious, whats your update? Have you found anything in Vegas yet? Where have you applied? I am a BSN student here in Vegas and I'm wondering if anything has improved?
  12. vegasmomma

    Failed 6 times and Giving up :(

    wow! this scares me, is it really this hard??
  13. vegasmomma

    UNLV Spring 2011

    Where does UNLV offer clinicals? Do you get to choose a hospital and can you choose the area of specialty? In your courses you just completed, what was hardest or toughest parts? Do you do lots of class presentations and group projects?
  14. vegasmomma


    CLEP is a great way to go to save time and money. I CLEPed Soc. 101 by studying the CLEP study guide. I did a little reading on wikipedia sociology as well. I passed first time and I am so glad I did it! I only wish I would have CLEPed more classes a long time ago.
  15. vegasmomma

    Please share your experience at UNLV in Las Vegas.

    Thank you so much Megameg for your boost of encouragement. I do want the best education possible. Congrats on almost being finished! I may hit you up for more info when I begin the program.