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  1. sunnyskies9

    Holiday Bonus

    My first year in nursing back in 2011, I got a nominal $500 bonus. But it at least showed that they cared. It made me feel just a bit more valued. Since then, the only thing I've received is some poinsettias. For the past 3 years, it's been nothing.
  2. sunnyskies9

    Holiday Bonus

    Anyone here get a holiday bonus from their company? Or are those a thing of the past?
  3. sunnyskies9

    Can nurses live a luxurious life?

    I do. But I'm also married to an engineer, childless, and debt-free. It is possible if you play your cards right.
  4. sunnyskies9

    Need Help Memorizing Pressors?

    thanks for posting! I'm in the beginning stages of studying for the CV-BC exam, and I'm sure a lot of these drugs will be on the exam. Will definitely be following on youtube.
  5. sunnyskies9

    Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

    Thanks for the informative article! Most insurance companies will cover cardiac rehab for patients with cardiomyopathy/CHF if their EF is less than 35%.
  6. sunnyskies9

    Should I quit nursing school?

    Unrelated, but if you are wanting a job that pays well and good job security, you need to get into some sort of engineering or other science field working for the government.
  7. sunnyskies9

    Fell asleep during clinical.

    I don't have any advice on how to deal with your instructors and your director as far as you digging yourself out of this situation, but I came here to say that it is imperative you work on your well-being and health, even if it comes at the price of...
  8. sunnyskies9

    Healthy Weight Week: Eat Healthy Lose Weight

    After 10 years of jumping from diet to diet, I finally just said screw it to diets in May last year. I have never felt better and have never felt so free from the constant worry about what or when I will eat next. I just eat when I'm hungry and eat u...
  9. sunnyskies9

    Healthy Weight Week: Eat Healthy Lose Weight

    Speaking of the fitness competitors you know, do they REALLY enjoy it? Or do they feel stuck because that's what they've known for so long? I don't admire fitness competitors, because I know the level of obsessing and counting and restricting that it...
  10. sunnyskies9

    Healthy Weight Week: Eat Healthy Lose Weight

    This topic is a dead horse continually being beaten, and frankly, I'm so sick of reading articles like this. Why can't we first focus on loving ourselves, on being self-compassionate and forgiving of our short-comings. Continually getting down and ou...
  11. sunnyskies9

    Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    I'm glad you chimed in because I've wondered if the work environment is better in CA because of the unions. I am totally pro-union, especially when it comes to our profession where we constantly and consistently get crapped on.
  12. sunnyskies9

    Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    I completely agree. I don't need extra monetary compensation or gifts. I want respect, and it would be nice that my employer has my back and cares about each person. I want to be able to place my full trust in management as well.
  13. sunnyskies9

    Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    Upstanding employers are not unheard of, though. Look at Huffington Post, for example. They are very focused on their employees' wellness and see value in keeping happy, healthy employees, as it increases productivity and creativity. In the past I ha...
  14. sunnyskies9

    Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    It's a bit disparaging when the chiefs of any particular company are making million dollar salaries with quarter million dollar bonuses, and there will never be any vacancies within upper management. When they continue to make promises they can't kee...
  15. Every company I have worked for since becoming an RN has made few to zero effort(s) to make their employees feel valued. I only have 5 years experience. Is this really what I have to look forward to for the rest of my 40+ year career? Are there any c...