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  1. AriesRNSoon

    Fresenius Interview for 1st Time PCT Position

    Good Luck!! I work with Fresenius now and they have the best training ever! Ask what is their tech to patient ratio, is there a differential on weekends, 10 or 12 hr shifts, and do they have tuition reimbursement and if so, do you get a raise for passing classes pertaining to nursing. I wish you well!
  2. AriesRNSoon

    A pt diagonsed with acute renal failure

    IMO...he either has done something currently or in the past that is catching up with him. Or something hereditary.
  3. AriesRNSoon

    Best study material for CCHT

    Girl please! You don't have to pay! Let me find my study materials...I have to make sure I didn't give it to another tech! Give me until Monday to get back to work and check my locker and our intranet and I can get your address and send it to you! You know what else helped me? Inservices! Those drug reps would come in and go over and over about potassium and binders and Renegel and I did have a lot of nurtrition on my test. I had resuse as well and if you don't know, Fresenius doesn't use re-use so I had to really dig and learn the basics! I'm glad to help!
  4. AriesRNSoon

    Best study material for CCHT

    What Dialysis company do you work for? I ask because I work for Fresenius and they had modules for us to study from and it was a BIG help!
  5. AriesRNSoon


    I would like to know this too!
  6. AriesRNSoon

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    @Melissa825 You wouldn't by chance be applying to Mercy School of Nursing would you? Good Luck to all of you and congratulations!!! I'm in the same boat just waiting and trying to stay positive and keep applying!
  7. AriesRNSoon

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    I did and I can't even sleep!! Good Luck!
  8. AriesRNSoon

    Dialysis Technicians -Let's Talk :)

    I honestly think it's all about who you know! I work for a major well known company and they trained me. It was rough! We started out with about 25 but ended up with 14. It's worth it with dedication since there really isn't many places you could learn how to be a tech...HTH
  9. AriesRNSoon

    Dialysis Technicians -Let's Talk :)

    Hi! I took have been a dialysis tech for some years now and I need to move there! I live in NC and our ratio is 4:1 and if the nurses could squeeze 5 on us they would!