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  1. Rubz

    Kaplan predictor tests

    One has more OB questions and the other has more mental health...I took predictor 2 and it had more OB questions. make sure you do the trainers 1 to 3 but if you can do them all before taking the predictor test. Good luck.
  2. Rubz

    WHo is using Lippincott's NCLEX-RN PassPoint?

    I believe if you can be at level 8 on passpoint, you shouldn't have any problems with Nclex...because level 8 questions seem easy but remember... Nclex is about safety and safety!
  3. Rubz

    WHo is using Lippincott's NCLEX-RN PassPoint?

    You will see some questions from Nclex 3500 and the lippincot nclex review book, But get to level 8 on all components and take the nclex style tests and see where you stand. I personally found it very helpful...I reached level 8 on all subjects and did the nclex style test and the level 8 questions are very similar to the real Nclex.
  4. Rubz

    failed nclex need advice

    Nclex knows that we will apply the ABC's...because that is what they told us in school. Pick the Air first! But Nclex will give you an Air way answer but it is not always the best answer. Knowing your content will help you in Nclex and when you are interviewing for a job! Good luck!
  5. Rubz

    How did you study for NCLEX?, I failed it and need advice

    Your topic read as follows: " [h=1]How did you study for NCLEX?, I failed it and need advice"[/h] Arrogant or not, he gave you an advice...now you can take it or leave it...Besides Nclex does not care if you had a traumatic event in your life! Good luck!
  6. Rubz

    How did you study for NCLEX?, I failed it and need advice

    Agree 100%...
  7. Rubz


    It has do to with with your personality. I did my regular study schedule the day before the test and on the day of the test. I just took it like a another regular test. Thus, that helped me personally. You know yourself best and what works to keep the anxiety down. Best of luck!
  8. Rubz

    NCLEX Advice

    I agree...We had a lady that was wonderful, listening to her and how she approaches a questions was a good learning tool for me.
  9. Rubz

    NCLEX 10000

    Remember...read content and do questions on the subject you read...I like Saunders because you can read content and do question and if you want you can do pharma on the same subject too. Give yourself about 1 or 2 weeks for each subject. no weekends off!!! On the weekends read content on your weak points and do pharma/IV calculations etc. On the nclex 10000 passpoint, the break-down is similar to kaplan so get to level 8 on all of them. (you can do questions of 20 or 50, I did questions of 20 and review and break and another 20 review before going to bed.) Now, once you reached level 8 on all do the 75 nclex style questions with no time limit at first. For the last two weeks before my nclex test, I did content and questions on Saunders in the am and pm...and at night I did two 75 style questions before going to bed for two weeks. Good luck!
  10. Rubz

    Kaplan predictor tests

    what questions? just in case...before taking the predictor test...do trainers 1 to 3 before taking the kaplan predictor...good luck!
  11. Rubz

    passing nclex

    You have to feel that you are ready to take the test. You will not know everything, but you must know what is safe vrs unsafe, acute vrs chronic, actual risk for injury is a priority, and etc. There is a video from kaplan that tells you what the nclex is all about and is about the pt. safety. good luck and we all were scared before taking the test and petrified after the test! Think of mild/moderate anxiety but do not get to severe or panic anxiety!
  12. Rubz

    How to study questions using kaplan?

    Remediate the 100 questions take a 5 to 15 minute break and remidiate only what you got wrong...this way you go over what you got wrong twice! Review content of stuff you got wrong, as a way to reinforce your weak areas. Good luck!
  13. Rubz

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    I would watch his videos and I notice that there were mistakes on what he was saying; from that point forward I decided not to watch his videos. I like what he is doing but he needs to be more professional about it, specially if he is charging money! I used this videos for my nclex and they were helpful and accurate! I love this videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/MEDCRAMvideos/videos They have their videos as a review...got to love them. MauiMaryRN - YouTube I like how she explain the material and how she teaches you how to approach questions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwozjkRz1ddYmozmjynxLPQ/videos If you are having trouble with med calculations, this link is helpful and Rona is very funny! I hope they help!
  14. Rubz

    I have one more try in FL

    I would like to know how you did in the past two test. how many questions you did on each test. I can understand having a B plan just in case, but until then; just review and study.
  15. Rubz

    failed nclex rn

    Man...while in school all of my test were at 8 am and I would read and review for my test until 1 to 2 am at first and I was more tired and actually sleepy for the remainder of the classes. Thus, I started taking 2 benadryls or 1 advil PM at 10 pm the latest! From that point on I did much better on the tests and classes afterwards. I believe getting a good nights sleep is essential for learning and retaining new information. Ok, now about the test! you seen the questions on nclex and now you should have an idea how to study. you know how the present their questions and those select all that apply question! Go over your material and ask yourself, which help me or which did not help me.
  16. Rubz

    example question

    Not helping yourself with this kind of questions...