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  1. dhibler

    Where to go from here

    Hi, I know this is the Nurses forum and Im a pre-nursing student. But I had a question for all of you. Nursing schools are limited where I live and very competative, my gpa is good but not good enough. Im thinking about going to a different kind of college like Carrington or ITT. I know their expensive and I know their credits dont transfer out. But Ive met a few nurses that graduated from there and are pretty happy they just got it over with without the gpa game. So just wondering if any of you are grads from alternate schools and how your experience helped you or hurt you.
  2. dhibler

    Where do I apply CNM, UNM or SFCC

    Thanks I think your right. I'm retaking my hesi and a few classes I got a C (stupid chemistry!!!) in this summer so hopefully this fall will be more hopeful!
  3. dhibler

    Where do I apply CNM, UNM or SFCC

    Thank you Ive heard great things about SFCC's program. I would have to drive quite a bit I live in Rio Rancho! But its my career and Im willing to do it. I will keep SFCC in mind for sure thanks again for the input!
  4. I just finished my prereqs at CNM and they are obviously having a difficult time with their program. With my GPA and HESI I finished just under whats needed for full points to apply at CNM. So Im a little flustered about that. SFCC is a great choice and UNM Valencia has an ASN program also. Im considering all of them but Im nervous about the whole application fiasco. So where did you guys graduate and whats the best way in? What are the thoughts on the private schools here (Carrington, TVI, ect)? I want to continue my degree to a BSN but I've heard most schools wont even consider taking those credits (UNM). I do know a lot of people starting nursing at theses schools but Im unsure about them. On a positive note I just landed an awesome Tech job at a really great hospital here! So hopefully that will open some doors for me and expand my options. Any thoughts would help! Thanks in advance!!
  5. dhibler

    Fall 2011 Hopefuls

    I am a Fall 2011 hopefull! One more semester then I petition for clinicals in June! My college changed the entrance requirements to a point system and made it very competitive so Im kicking myself to finish up with A's under my belt. I just keep picturing myself walking the stage with my degree and passing my nclex!
  6. dhibler

    What classes are you taking in the Spring?

    Good luck! A&P is very difficult! Im finishing up with it right now finals in 3weeks! At this point my stomach hurts I dont sleep much anymore and I call my kids by muscle names. Its insanely consuming. But its a fun class I have enjoyed it despite my side effects. Haha Im taking A&P 2, microbiology and developmental psychology. Last semester then I can petition for clinicals!! Woohoo!