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  1. mycsm


    I immediately called the teacher to ask why and she said, all he said was I don't feel good...we both were fuming..
  2. mycsm


    student comes in and says,,can you wash my hair I have a lot of gel in it from field day yesterday? I asked if he showered this am before school, Nope, I got up late. Nope, you can go back to class and you can take a shower when you go home. he said "seriously?, your not gonna wash my hair". I gently said, no, I am a nurse not a hair stylist.....go back to class, OR I can ask your parents to leave work and come in and wash your hair, he said no, they are working I don't want to bother them.... hmmm.
  3. mycsm

    Parent and school nurse

    My three kids are in district where I live and work. I have left parties where my colleagues have been bashed, I have also left teacher pow wows where my close friends have been bashed. I will not discuss anything that has to do with a student unless it is during school hours. Those who are my real friends would not put me in the bad position, those who are not my friends, need to be told several times that I only work during the school hours. I say I am a mom and not your childs nurse right now. I reinforce that while there might be an emergency in which I will respond and help, I am not discussing school/health issues after hours. have a lost points with some parents...YUP, but do I care...NOPE. Be firm, and again they don't have to like you..outside of school
  4. mycsm

    Macy's is Open

    Its best when they refuse everything you have, and you call mommy about her lil darlings outfit choice and mom says..I picked out that entire outfit and I find nothing wrong with it, then Mom complains and brings clothes and mom is wearing the same outfit but a slightly larger size...hmm
  5. mycsm

    continuing education.

    I want to return to school for NP, already owe kabillion in school loans and have three kids to put thru college. I want to be accepted into a program and ask if they will wait for scholarship money... Not sure if I can put us into more debt.. I just need someone to write a check and say, she is good for it.... possible? yeah, I didnt think so....so I guess Im venting
  6. mycsm

    This is not why I became a nurse

    I remove gum off sneakers like NO OTHER!!!!!!! Nah, only kidding,,, the kids does it.....and was asked by parent, How could I let their little darling walk around with gum on their feet...Hmmm, I said, who takes it off at home or at the mall when it happens?, Mom stated, well he does..okay then...he can do it here... Nursing at its finest...please vote for me for Nurse of the year...I know we all deserve it!
  7. mycsm

    Paranoid teacher

    first of all...you are a school nurse...not her OB GYN...stop everything you are doing. No more. you don't have time, this is her fight and cause not yours. sorry Im blunt, but COME ON!!!!
  8. mycsm

    floating rib

    we all have them, I hear ya, but his is special cause it floats around his thoracic cavity and never punctures anything. it only acts up when he has a test.
  9. mycsm

    floating rib

    Wait, this is the kid whose mom is a gynecologist, and she covers his absences...(yup, I swear) and we laughed so hard every time he is absent, because the next day he will hand in a note stating, So & so was seen in our office today, please excuse his absence. and we have to cover a "doctors' note. its all B/S, but who am I to argue.
  10. mycsm

    floating rib

    okay, a student insists that he has a "floating rib" (never diagnosed) on left side that has now floated to his right and he cant take his math test. hmm I say, let me call your mom to see how she wants to handle the "rebel rib" and the rib's refusal to calculate the Math world. he insisted she wont do anything, so I call Mom..I think she peed her pants...just sayin'
  11. mycsm


    science teacher sends a student in because she thinks he has bilateral ear infection and a "raging" fever cause his cheeks are bright red. Okay sarcastic nurse coming out.."Hi Miss science teacher I have your student in front of me...his face is bright red from running around outside, and he said his ears don't even hurt . so now Im wondering why do YOU think I need to check his ears instead of him being in science class being taught by you?" Oh you heard his mother is home sick (mom is a teacher and is playing hooky) and there for HE has a bilateral ear infection? oh, okay, I am not checking his ears. If yYOU think he should have his ears checked, please call his mother explain WHO YOU ARE and why you want his ears checked. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. mycsm

    Vomit Happens

    ummmmm.... oh well......they didn't vomit in your office..you are not a psychic..the teacher needs to get over herself.
  13. mycsm

    epi pen law

    Thanks guys...I brought my concerns to the admin and he stated clearly...do what I need to do to feel comfortable, so I engaged other teachers attending the event and trained them, and will have them hold and admin the epi pen. relief!!!
  14. mycsm

    Nurse Teacher conference

    I would have an additional staff member present, either a union rep, asst princ or prinicipal. have a record of all the visits from her class. AND with kids seems to be freq fliers and how they always come out of HER class, no one elses. You decide which kids are sick enough to go home. If all that fails to shut her up, check the kids grades, and suggest to her that a certain child should have been given a higher grade than the one she gave. and when she asks who do you think you are, you can say, well it seems like we have all decided to do a little of everyones job and you have taken on her grading task.. That might shut her up... Yes, it sounds like Ive been through this before , and once I explained that I wanted to change the grade, she stopped doing my job....for a little while.
  15. mycsm

    epi pen law

    new epi pen law..any teacher/staff member hosting, supervising a school sponsored event, (field trip, homework club etc) must be trained to give an epi pen. having a hard time signing off this one teacher cause honestly I don't feel comfortable him cutting a bagel with a plastic knife, let alone inject a child...he is the lead teacher on an after school event, I am training everyone involved, but still not comfortable. PS: I am not going, cause now that we can train our "delegates", I am not needed