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  1. emttonurse

    How get past dept chair for BIO 226 at Truman?

    Dare I ask what your argument would be? Curious...
  2. emttonurse

    How get past dept chair for BIO 226 at Truman?

    Yes, there's a prereq for the class that I'd like to get waived. I have some convincing arguments planned :), but I was curious if anyone had spoken to him before and had any suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone, Truman won't sign me up for BIO 226 until I talk to the department chair. Does anyone have any tips on how to approach him/what might get him to give me the okay? I haven't taken Biology since high school, where I aced it. I'm brushing up on a biology text now, and I'm an EMT. I'm not worried about my ability to handle the course. Any tips on jumping this hurdle?? Thanks!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm just getting started on my path towards nursing, and I need some help! I'm planning to take my prerequisites at Truman, and I need some suggestions on professors. I haven't taken a science course in years, so I'd like to sign up for classes with the best/most helpful teachers. Any suggestions? I'm planning to take: Human Structure & Function I and II (Bio 226 and 227/aka Anatomy & Physiology) General Chemistry I (Chem 201) Survey of Organic and Biochemistry (Chem 212/aka Organic Chem) General Microbilogy w/Lab (Micro 233) Introductory Statistics (Math 125) General Psychology (Psych 201) Nutrition (Bio 107) Human Growth and Development I (Cde101 or Psyc 207) Any other comments are welcome! Thanks!!