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    University of Oklahoma-Accelerated BSN Program

    I have no idea how to post on here...new to this site. I am so frustrated....I had 3 prereq's left for the OU accelerated BSN program and I find out they closed up shop. I have been looking online at the other programs (Azusa, National, CSU San Marcos) and the problem with those schools is (not only some take longer than OU's 14 month program, but they have extra prerequisites!!! I just completed Nutrition and Ca History for OU (even though I already HAVE a bachelors in Psychology) and now those 2 I took are not required at other schools and now I have to take "Organic Chem" and other extra classes. I will be in a rocking chair before I graduate!!! Am I missing something??? I heard that OU has the program still running in Las Vegas and since I live in San Diego I'm thinking about actually relocating for 14 months just to get it over with!! This would be very hard as I have to school age children. Can ANYONE offer any suggestions?????? Thanks