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  1. Hello!! :) I'm looking to relocate to the Charlotte area. Any information about working for CMC or Presbyterian Hospitals would be helpful....but specifically I am wondering: --What is the RN base pay for a new grad? --What is the RN base pay for 2 years Med/Surg/Orthopedic experience? --Are there any shift differentials for working nights or weekends? Thanks!
  2. heyRN

    PACU vs. Prep and Recovery

    Thank you soooo much All4Seasons and GHGoonette for your responses. They were very helpful!
  3. heyRN

    PACU vs. Prep and Recovery

    Hi. Could someone please tell me the difference between working in a PACU position vs. working in Prep and Recovery? I understand prep would be before the surgery, however I am not understanding what the difference would be between PACU and Recovery. I am highly interested in working somewhere within the surgery setting, however I don't have experience in that area...I am finding that most hospitals want someone with experience for OR and PACU. Would working in Prep and Recovery be a better way into the surgery setting for someone with no OR or PACU experience? I appreciate any input on this topic. :) Thanks in advance!