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  1. CNATylerTX

    Hate my job, discouraged and sore!

    Hello all, First let me start by saying I made a career change this past year to a CNA due to a life changing event. My daughter was hospitalized and nearly lost her life, the nurses were great, staff etc but a CNA went the extra mile and had the time to really make her feel better. I decided at that moment I wanted to make a difference like this man did for my child. I didnt want to be a nurse ( even though money is better ) because it appeared that they lacked the time to really connect with patients. I am now a CNA and first loved every minute of the OH SO TIRING work :) I love people and love making them feel like we are friends, they know me and are comfortable. I do my best to really make them feel at home.... Well after some time and CNA's calling in, no other help being called in etc. I HATE MY JOB! I clocked over 11 miles on my pedometer the other day, did not bathe two patients and got in trouble for it In the morning I had 13 patients ( over half were total care ) by 3 pm I have more than 20!! Some with bed alarms, others confused many total care etc. Is it just me or is it IMPOSSIBLE to bathe 13 people in 12 hours and do bathroom assists, call lights on trach patients, accuchecks, vitals. I even skipped lunch and stayed late. Thats less than one hour per person for my shift and this doesnt include charting, walking, vitals etc.. What am I missing here? I wanted to make a difference, get personal and show compassion and care to people who are afraid in the hospital. Instead I am running around stressed, rushing through every single task and I find myself irritated that the patient cant walk faster etc.... I just cant cope... I want out, I dont think I want anything to do with the medical field! I am so glad I didnt go for the nursing degree What a let down this all is
  2. CNATylerTX

    Jp, Ostomy and Trach smells OH MY!

    Thanks for the quick replies... It is a bad wound smell in fact you can smell it ALL over his room but when you open that drain WHOOOO look out LOL! I feel so sorry for the man having to smell it all day!!! I will try and focus more and think less about it next time. Maybe it was just looking at it that sent me over the edge it wasnt until I looked at it to measure that I started heaving
  3. CNATylerTX

    Pro-active steps to landing a hospital job

    I landed the first hospital job that I applied for. I started with a cover letter explaining that I had no medical experience but am eager to learn. In my resume I was sure to include any and ALL customer service related experience!!!! Customer service really is what this position is all about, you need to have STRONG people skills to be able to care for others. Dont be afraid to brag on your resume about your personality and other skills that show you are great with people. HR told me that it was my personality and drive that stood out the most and made them want me :) Good Luck to you! You can do it!!!!
  4. CNATylerTX

    Jp, Ostomy and Trach smells OH MY!

    Hello, I am a new CNA working on a med/surg/Trauma floor in a large hospital. Things are going GREAT! I absolutley LOVE what I am doing and the patients I am meeting etc. My ONLY problem so far is some of the smells I am encountering LOL! Any tips on emptying a JP that smells without passing out or puking in my own mask? I had a patient with a incredibly stinky infection and nearly projectile vomitted in my own mask while emptying his JP. Luckily I was in the bathroom when I lost it so he did not see but I am SO afraid to start gagging or something in front of a patient! He asked for a mask too BTW it was that smelly Any tips?