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  1. caljen1974

    Positive ppd test

    isnt that a bad idea?
  2. caljen1974

    Positive PPD

    Yes I had a positive ppd Monday along with me and another co-worker. I thought they would have sent me/her home but they said dont worry it is ok you are just having an allergic reaction. I am a CNA been there for 2 years. Last year mine was neg and all the other ones I have taken have been also. This company does not check people when they hit the door for employment. The other girl has been there 5 months and this is the first time they have eveer done one on her. We worked 2 days they did set up a chest xray to be done today. We took it and the guy that came out he kept saying you all don't look like drug addicts? I was wondering what does that have to do with having a positive ppd. They say if I have a neg chest xray then I dont have it and that I dont need any medication. That you only take meds if you have positive chest xray. Then I asked well what if the chest xray is positive are you going to pay us like workmans comp or what will happen? Well they said they had to prove it came from here. We worked 2 days with a positive reading. I really expected for them to send us home. I dont want to give anyone anything. They act like I am being paranoid. I worry about my family, I worry about my friends and my patients. I dont want to have something then it show up later on and then I am full blown and could have recieved treatment and then putting other innocent people at stake. I talked with other coworkers and they said they have had positive test but, there chest xray was good. I dont understand it. Then they talked about immigrants being in. Ok I said what about the illegal immigrants that are here also. They dont get tested and what if someone misinterperts the test. I am a nerveous wreck! I dont know if they are trying to cover something up or maybe they are doing what they suppose to but, from everyone else post I see that everyone is on meds or at least is offered them. I am calling the health department tomorrow to find out there protocol and so fourht if I am worrying to much. I do know we had a scabies outbreak needless to say it took 5 months before a diagnosis was made. They say the test came up neg.