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  1. After graduating last August the nursing hospital opportunities were very slim in my area, three hospitals, with only a couple positions available and one of the three having a hiring freeze on the employees they had hired previously months ago. I started working at a nursing home, as they are needing nurses very badly and also pay the same or higher than the hospitals. I made $24.50 on second shift in a nursing home. (6 months) Now I am working in a health department at 18.50$ to get away from 2nd shift to be closer to home and kids. The pay however is very low compared to other nursing jobs. It even required a BSN degree for the position. I am not sure if I should live out the rest of the year with the department and then look again, or just stay - a co-worker said she has received a pay increase every year since she started, 13 years she had been there and her pay has increased $10.00. That is great - but I don't know if I should look for a hospital or clinic position that is generally $22 dollars- Or stay here and wait on the pay increases. With the low starting wage we also get paid holidays, no weekend work, and it's first shift. That is a great plus there, but hospital clinics are generally the same way. IM and subq injections, blood draw and tb testing are done regularly, so while I am not inserting foley catheters or suctioning trachs daily, I still have some hands on skills. What would you do?