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  1. AchievingMyDream

    OK, So where did I learn this...?!

    You actually can administer 2L of O2 w/o orders so I actually got that one right. LOL Great post!
  2. I have read other reviews that state that EC will try to purposely fail you during your clinical test. I am super interested in the program...but it is a lot of money. I just need to make sure it is worth the expense.
  3. AchievingMyDream

    Not a lot of opportunities for LPN's?

    I am doing clinicals at a LTC facility..and the nurses here say they LOVE their jobs and would not want to be anywhere else. I think it just depends on you!
  4. AchievingMyDream

    Weatherford College LVN

    Almost finished with my first semester in the WC LVN program! Whew!! It is going by so fast. mommap...I have had several RN instructors tell me that LVN to RN is the way to go. Supposedly LVNs learn more bedside nursing and RNs learn a lot of theory based care. It is also easier to get into a transition program than straight RN. My ultimate goal is RN as well. Good luck!
  5. AchievingMyDream

    Just had to share!

    I just had to share becuse I am extatic! I passed my medication administration check offs and my drug calculations exam!!:redbeathe I am horrible at math so I was super nervous:confused:! But... I pulled it off and am very pleased with myself!
  6. AchievingMyDream

    Accepted into NS and scared!

    Thanks everyone. These posts are helping me realize that I'll have help at first.
  7. AchievingMyDream

    Littman Coupon Code!!

    Yeah $125 when you can go to medisave and get one for around $70 and FREE engraving!
  8. AchievingMyDream

    Accepted into NS and scared!

    This IS my dream. And I know it's what I am meant to do. I'm glad I have the fear so I will be more aware. Thanks everyone for the reassurance.
  9. AchievingMyDream

    Accepted into NS and scared!

    Thanks guys. I guess it would be a common fear considering we hold lives in our hands. I don't know what I would do if I ever made a deadly mistake. I guess I will put these fears aside and just live my dream!
  10. AchievingMyDream

    Accepted into NS and scared!

    Hello all. I was accepted into NS and will start in January. I have a HUGE fear that once I am a nurse I will make mistakes or forget something that could cost someone their life. Is this a common fear among nurses? Do they teach you how to deal with that in NS? Thanks!
  11. AchievingMyDream

    Advice for the LVN Student

    Whew. This makes me nervous! My kids are 9 (10 in Feb) and 7 (8 in Dec) and rely on me for EVERYTHING! Guess I better get them ready! I will be making a daily schedule! I have my 19 yr old sister living with me but can't rely on her for crap! I have to tell her what/when/how to do it. Guess I'll be making her a schedule, too!! You're advice is genuine and appreciated. I'm so excited and worried at the same time.
  12. Jan 18. Weatherford College in Texas!
  13. AchievingMyDream

    Weatherford College LVN

    I am a Jan 2011 WC LVN student! I'm so excited! Looking forward to meeting you! Orientation is Friday!!